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High-schoolers excel in Discover Science finale
Presentations delivered at end of 5-day workshop program
Part of QU initiative to promote apppreciation of science

QU's Materials Technology Unit (MTU) concluded its 3rd Discover Materials Science workshop on May 19 with a session of project presentations by students of several high schools in Doha.  Over 107 students and 6 teachers participated in the workshop that was held on May 15-19.

Students from Omar Bin Al-Khattab Boys Educational Complex, Qatar Secondary Independent School for Girls and Abdullah Al-Misnad School for Boys delivered oral presentations to an audience comprising QU VP and Chief Academic Officer Dr Sheikha bint Jabor Al-Thani, Musheireb Properties CEO Mr Issa Al-Mohannadi, RasGas Business Operations Manager Mr Ahmad Al-Mohannadi, RasGas Venture Projects Business Manager Mr Jamal Al-Anbari , Al-Jazeera Documentary Head Mr Ahmed Mahfouz , QU Department of Chemistry & Earth Sciences Head Dr Jan C Kwak, and ICT Skills Development Manager Ms Reem Al-Mansoorim, MTU faculty and researchers.

The session was part of a 4-day workshop program designed to engage high school students in science and acquaint them with the importance of critical thinking in investigation, and problem –solving. In addition, the sessions focused on the teamwork, collaboration and communication skills in preparing, producing and presenting projects.

The students received high praise from the evaluation panel for the quality of their projects and the teamwork effort, as well as the level of confidence in making their presentations.

Mr Issa Al Mohannadi (Musheireb) said : “Qatar University has provided a unique opportunity for secondary school students, and I am impressed with their high level of awareness, understanding, despite their young age as it was not an easy experience. They presented their projects with confidence and professionalism. Such projects are very important for Qatar’s future because it enriches the spirit of teamwork which is one of the objectives of Qatar Vision 2030”.

Mr Ahmed Al Mohannadi (RasGas) said that the link between science and technology is very important for the future of development of the country and he hoped that the program will continue.

The program was organised and delivered by MTU researchers, and collaborating faculty comprising MTU Head Dr Mariam Al Madeed, Dr Noora Al Thani, Dr Kaltham Al Ghanim, Dr Yasser Hussein and a team of scientists from Northwestern University USA led by Prof R P H Chang and Mr Matthew Hsu.

The workshop program is part of the cooperation agreement signed between MTU and a number of schools in Doha, to advance a culture of research for Qatar’s youth. Under the agreement, students will join MTU research teams for scientific practice and experiments, using state-of-the-art equipment at the Unit.

The program’s Principal Investigator Dr Noora Al-Thani commented: “We are stepping up the discover materials science activities by exposing the students to scientists and researchers who are expert in the field in Qatar and abroad. This experience would be of immense benefit not only in their awareness of the value of science and research in the advancement of society but also in the level of confidence and skills they will attain through the activities of collaboration and teamwork that are an integral part of the workshop. Qatar University continues to commit itself to contributing to the development of a cadre of young scientists and researchers for a future place in the country’s development”.

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