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The Scene
Campus Life highlights events and developments at QU over the past week
Faculty lecture to visiting Harvard University delegation; MTU launches Al-Bairaq program; CAS graduate student orientation; Orientation sessions for study in US and UK;Parent Orientation Day at Early Childhood Center; Faculty appointment; Bus around the campus; Be Part of the Event

Faculty lecture to visiting Harvard University delegation
QU Associate Professor of Urban Planning Dr Ali A Alraouf gave a lecture and presentation recently to a visiting delegation from Harvard University School of Design. The event came alongside a project aimed at establishing the Gulf Encyclopedia for Sustainable Urbanism. The lecture was held at Msheireb Properties in Doha.

In his lecture, Dr Alraouf addressed the primary developments in the Gulf region in the last decades, the impact of Dubai as a model, the phase of economic diversity and the preparation of post-oil era and its impact on Gulf architecture.

Dr Aliraouf was invited by Harvard University due to his extensive rich experience and wide publication on the architecture of Gulf cities in regional and international research journals.

Al Bairaq program launched at MTU
QU Materials Technology Unit (MTU) launched its educational research program “Al Bairaq” on September 18 for secondary school students, with the aim to enhance student involvement in research activities and materials technology discovery. The project is organised in cooperation with UNESCO, Northwestern University Qatar and Qatar Petroleum. It will continue until December this year.

MTU head Dr Mariam Al-Maadeed said: “This program “The Discovery of Material Sciences - Al Bairaq” was developed from an idea which began in 2007 when the Unit carried out a program entitled “Fun with Physics”. Our aim is to bring the same level of interest and inspiration to the students and encourage them to discover science and innovation through the activities the program offers”.

QU Environmental Studies Center (ESC) research associate Dr Noora Jabor Al-Thani said: “This program is open to all high school students, Qataris and non-Qataris, and we are planning to expand it to involve the Gulf area. Through the activities in the program, we make every effort to provide theoretical knowledge and scientific experiments in an enjoyable and encouraging environment. The students work along with our research team and participate in discussions, skills building, and finding scientific solutions for everyday problems”.

The program is supervised and monitored by a group of QU faculty comprising Dr Al-Maadeed, Dr Al-Thani, Associate Professor of Sociology Dr Kaltham Al-Ghanim, Chemistry Program coordinator Yasser Hussein, and Coordinator of College of Education Master of Leadership Program Dr Nancy Allen.

 CAS Graduate Student Orientation
The event held on September 18, was designed to familiarize the College’s new Masters’ students with the two graduate degree programs offered at the College: MSc Environmental Sciences, and MA Gulf Studies, which began this new academic year. Sixteen students, 8 in each program, were accepted for this semester, following an intensive review of applications. The number of students is expected to increase in future admissions.

Present were CAS Dean Dr Eiman Mustafawi, CAS Associate Dean for Research Dr Mohamed Ahmedna, Head Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences Dr Hamda Al-Naemi, MA Gulf Studies Coordinator Wanda Krause, several CAS faculty and students.

“These two new programs are consistent with the strategic plan of Qatar University that focuses on scientific research, considering it as the basis of graduate studies”, Dr Mustafawi said, adding that QU has plans to develop a Master's degree in Arabic Language.

Noting the content structure of the two new programs, Dr Mustafawi said: “The Environmental Sciences program studies the environment in Qatar and the region, both scientifically and practically, while the Gulf Studies program studies the region politically, economically and culturally. Both programs are much-needed in the region”.

Commenting on the Gulf Studies program, Wanda Krause said: “The program was prepared and designed in accordance with international standards of quality. It provides students with the opportunity to study in the region in which they live, and where they will be closer to the realities of their environment”.
She stated further: “The new programs aim to produce qualified, experienced and efficient graduates who possess the ability to communicate and interact with the region and the wider world”.

 During the event, the students were introduced to the university systems, student services, employment opportunities and course registration through the student information system (Banner).

Orientation sessions for study in US and UK
QU Scholarship Office held orientation sessions on “Studying in the US” and “Studying in the UK” for QU students and faculty on September 19 and 22 respectively. The purpose of the events was to provide information on services and resources available to Qatari national students and faculty who plan to pursue advanced studies in the US and the UK.

The September 19 event was attended by QU VP and Chief Academic Officer Dr Sheikha Bint Jabor Al-Thani, US Embassy student advisor Mrs Nahid Lawson, Director QU Scholarship Office Mr Cesar Wazen, Dean College of Education (CED) Prof Hissa Sadiq, Dean College of Business & Economics (CBE) Dr Nitham Hindi, several US Embassy representatives and a number of faculty and students.

 QU faculty Dr Sarah Al-Mohannadi and Dr Siham Al-Qaradawi, Qatari nationals awarded scholarships in the Fulbright Academic Program 2010-2011, were on hand to share their experiences during their study in the US.

In her welcome address, Dr Al-Thani said: “QU’s scholarship program is important for top-performing students and faculty. It demonstrates our efforts to strengthen opportunities for our graduates and academic professionals to upgrade their skills and competencies by facilitating their aspirations to study at the top universities abroad”.

Mr Wazen explained that the Office is responsible for administering scholarship programs and supporting Qatari national students at both Master’s and PhD levels at the best higher education institutions in the world. “It is also responsible for following up on financial and administrative issues related to scholarships plus monitoring students’ academic progress by communicating with their respective universities and with the students themselves”, he said.

 Mrs Lawson said: “Receiving unbiased and current information about studying in the US is the first fundamental step towards a successful journey ”. She outlined the main reasons that encourage Qatari nationals to select US universities -- quality, recognition, and being dominant in world ranking. “Admission decisions are through a process of selection, not elimination”, she added further.

 The September 22 event was held in association with the British Council and was attended by QU VP and Chief Academic Officer Dr Sheikha Bint Jabor Al-Thani, British Council Director Simon Winetroube, Dean College of Pharmacy (CPH) Dr. Peter Jewesson, Dean College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Dr Eiman Mustafawi, Director Office of Faculty and Instructional Development Ms Dalal Moukarzel, Head Computer Science & Engineering department Dr Qutaibah Malluhi, Director QU Scholarship Office Mr Cesar Wazen, several British Council representatives and a number of faculty and students.

 QU faculty Ms Al Anoud Al Maadeed, Qatari national, shared her experience during her study at Brunel University in London.

 In her welcome address, Dr Al-Thani said: "This event gives Qatari national students and faculty the opportunity to learn about the many options of studying in the UK and familiarize themselves with the top universities, life in the UK, and QU scholarships requirements. We enjoy a long-standing relationship with British Council through the Springboard program and we appreciate the guidance and support they provide our students who aspire to pursue further studies in the UK”.

Simon Winetroube commented: “The British Council is grateful to Qatar University for inviting us to put on this event. The UK is the leading destination for students from Qatar with over 1500 student visas issued last year. We are confident that this will continue. British Council research tells us that international students choose the UK because of quality of education, internationally recognised qualification, university reputation, and career prospects. For Qataris, the tolerant, safe and enjoyable environment that the UK provides for students of all cultures is also a very important factor. We hope that this event will provide students with the information and understanding to make the right choices and it will help Qatar University students who choose further study in the UK to have the best possible experience”.

Mr Wazen said: “The Scholarship Office is responsible for ensuring that students receive the most accurate information and engage with knowledgeable individuals who can respond to any questions and concerns they may have. In cooperation with the heads of Departments and Deans and guidance of the Office of the VP and Chief Academic Officer, students preparing to study in the UK will select their field of study and engage in their pre-departure plans while benefiting from the advice of the British Council team”.

 ECC Parent Orientation Day
The Early Childhood Center at QU’s College of Education Department of Psychological Sciences held its first Parent Orientation Day on September 21. It was attended by faculty, Center officials and parents.

In her opening address, ECC Director Dr Huda Bashir said: “We are very pleased to welcome you to our first orientation day. On this day, we would like to introduce you to the services, activities and care we provide for children who attend the Center. Our students are afforded a wide range of internal and external activities which reflect our philosophy that the early years in a child’s life are the most significant toward building his/ her intellectual ability”.

Concerning healthcare services, Dr Bashir said: “We provide regular checkups and appropriate treatment for Center children and need to be informed of your child’s health problems in order to address any complications that may occur. By using various methods and activities, we engage the children’s thinking skills with the aim to produce children who can read and write and participate in the world around them”.

Faculty appointment
Dr Adam Fadlalla has been appointed as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Business and Economics. He received a BS(First Class Honors) in Business Administration from the University of Khartoum, MBA in Finance and Decision Sciences from Miami of Ohio, and an MS in Computer Science and PhD in Information Systems, both from the University of Cincinnati, USA.

Dr Fadlalla taught Business Analytics, Data Mining, Databases, and Enterprise Integration Systems, in addition to many other subjects during his 20-year career of teaching and academic research supervision at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels.

His research spans both the conceptual and the applied aspects of Information Systems, particularly in the areas of finance and healthcare. He has published more than 30 refereed articles in highly respected journals and presented at many international conferences of professional societies in the areas of Information Systems, Medical Informatics, and Predictive Analytics. He also published a reference book and chapters in other reference books. His current research interests include the use of information systems, predictive analytics, and modeling in general to improve the quality of organizational outcomes, as well as discovery of knowledge hidden in the ever increasing data accumulation.

 Prior to joining QU, Dr Fadlalla was Professor of Computer and Information Science at Cleveland State University in the US. He has also provided consulting services to large international organizations, and is a Certified Predictive Modeler from SAS - a leader in analytics.

Bus around the campus
QU recently launched the Campus Express for all female students and faculty, free of charge. The bus service was implemented by the Transportation Services at the Primary Services Section of the Students Services Department.

The service started on September 25 and runs between the following women's buildings: College of Arts & Sciences, Foundation Program and College of Business & Economics.

The Campus Express will operate five days a week (Sunday through Thursday) from 7:45am to 2:30pm during the Fall and Spring semesters, in line with the QU Academic calendar.

Questions regarding the service should be directed to the Transportation staff via the mail or the phone on 44033746.

 Be Part of the Event
QU students are invited to take part in the voluntary activities organized by the Student Activities Department under the theme “Let’s Work Together, Learn Together”. Details at

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