Sunday 31/01/2010
Issue 171 - Past Issues
Today's Wisdom

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future". George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Laureate, playwright, critic, political activist....
The Scene

QU news of last week included: preparation for 6th Educational Week; Dr Afyare Elmi (pictured)on Somalia; Dr Abdulhamit Birisik for Rotterdam symposium; Dr Asma Al-Attiyah for Doha family conference; Dr Talal Al-Emadi to be published in renowned law journal; MassComm graduation projects; Qatar Career Fair workshop; new appointment at Department of Social Sciences. College of Education's...

2 new Masters degree programs at QU

Urban Planning & Design, and Engineering Management

First OFID days

Faculty share teaching/learning experiences
More news
Campus Life: "Campus Life" is published electronically once a week – every Sunday by the External Relations Department.

"Campus Life" tries to reflect, record and review what's going on in Qatar University. The QU community is vivid and active and its activities go beyond the campus area to the whole of Doha, the wider region, and around the globe. "Campus Life" will try to capture all that and put it in words and photos. Don't hesitate to interact and to write to us ( your own news and views. We appreciate and welcome your participation.

  • Judith Bennett Henry: Editor
  • Ashima Gaur: Designer.
  • Tamam Khadduri: Developer
  • Mustafa Omaira: Photographer
  • Mohamed Sherif: Photographer
  • Ali Emad: Photographer


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