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TEDx Qatar University 2023 - Evolution in Action How the Past Shapes the Future | Qatar University

TEDx Qatar University 2023 - Evolution in Action How the Past Shapes the Future

A Side from TEDxQatarUniversity

The TEDxQatarUniversity organizing team proudly announced the eagerly awaited extraordinary conference that explores the theme “Evolution in Action: How the Past Shapes the Future.” The event took place at the Student Affairs Building Theatre, Qatar University (QU), on Saturday, 9 September, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The event was sponsored by Vodafone and Taswer Co. for Media production.

This event followed the same principles as the globally renowned TED Talks, aiming to spread ideas and stimulate thought-provoking conversations that inspire individuals to take action and make positive changes. The theme of TEDxQatarUniversity explores how the past can profoundly affect the future and how individuals can learn from past events to create a better tomorrow.

The conference featured seven speeches from speakers from various disciplines. These speakers shared their insights, experiences, and unique perspectives on how the past can shape the present and the actions we can take to create a better future. The speakers provided a diverse range of perspectives from different fields such as healthcare, social sciences, technology, arts, and engineering. TEDxQatarUniversity is an opportunity for individuals to come together and engage in meaningful conversations about important issues. It celebrates the power of ideas and promotes the importance of critical thinking and creativity in shaping our future.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Mulla, Director of Student Activities Department at QU, stated, “We are pleased to provide support and assistance to our visionary and outstanding students. In our department, we always strive to provide opportunities that enhance our students' capabilities, with the aim of empowering them to be key players in the development of graduates who possess rich knowledge and diverse experiences. TEDxQatarUniversity is one of the most important platforms and experiences that enrich the lives and knowledge of students here at the university.”
Mr. Yasser Al-Qawasmi, Section Head of Student Clubs and Organizations at QU and License Owner, added, “We are grateful for the support of all the participants in this wonderful event. It is an opportunity for communication, learning, and enriching knowledge. TEDxQatarUniversity has always been a unique experience that combines science, art, and creative thinking, providing attendees with the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of the speakers and discover their inspiring ideas.”

In the midst of preparations for the conference, Executive Producer and Student Organizing Team Leader Yaman Kutmawi said, “After hard work and dedication, the time has come to unveil our talks to the audience, which forms the spirit that drives TEDx events. By exploring the conference theme, we hope to ignite curiosity in the minds of the attendees, encouraging them to ask questions and answer them through the talks.”

The team's Event Management Committee Head Kawthar Barakat also remarked, “We are delighted to be part of the highly anticipated return of TEDxQatarUniversity after a five-year hiatus and to be contributors to the success of this unique event with the assistance of our outstanding team, composed entirely of QU students. This team is a source of pride and achievement for our university, and thanks go to our speakers, who were the essence of this event. I would like to encourage my fellow students not to hesitate to initiate and participate in any enriching event like TEDxQatarUniversity.”

During the event, the team's Social Media and Marketing Committee Head, Haneen Hunaiti, expressed her excitement, saying, "We are overjoyed to be a part of TEDxQatarUniversity after a five-year hiatus. It's an honor to contribute to the success of this unique event alongside our exceptional team, all of whom are Qatar University students. This team represents a source of pride and accomplishment for our university, and our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our speakers, who have truly shaped the essence of this event. I wholeheartedly encourage my fellow students not to hesitate when it comes to initiating and participating in enriching events like TEDxQatarUniversity."

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