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Healthcare students in Qatar conclude the COVID19 debate series debating telehealth | Qatar University

Healthcare students in Qatar conclude the COVID19 debate series debating telehealth

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Qatar University’s (QU) Health Interprofessional Education Committee in collaboration with the Interprofessional Education Students’ Association in Qatar organized its third virtual debate with the motion: “This house believes that, telehealth can provide patients with more cost-effective and better-quality care than the current practice.” The event lasted for 2 hours and was conducted through Qatar University (QU) WebEx application.
It was attended by healthcare students from QU College of Health Sciences (CHS), College of Medicine (CMED), and College of Pharmacy (CPH), along with their colleagues from University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ), College of North Atlantic in Qatar and Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar (WCMQ). The event was attended by around 200 local and international participants. Ms. Jawaher Baraka, President of the IPE student association from QU-CMED gave the opening remarks, which included an overview of the association’s vision, mission, events, and an introduction of the new IPE executives for year 2020-2021 from the president down to the college representatives.
Then, Dr. Egon Steen Toft, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences at Qatar University, welcomed attendees and congratulated the organizers for organizing another debate on an important topic and eager to hear both sides of the debate. This was followed by welcoming remarks from the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at CPH and QU Health Chair of the Interprofessional Education program Dr. Alla El Awaisi. Dr El-Awaisi commented how impressed she is with how well the students have worked together in their teams virtually even though they have not met each other’s before. She commented: ‘These debates emphasizes the importance of building an interprofessional culture during the student undergraduate learning journey. Integrating IPE within healthcare student experiences is key in QU Health vision’.
She added: ‘It was really amazing seeing the IPE student association willing to continue organizing events during the summer break with these successful debate COVID19 series and highly appreciate the high level commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of every single member of the executive team’. She congratulated all the students who have participated in these debates and confirmed these debates will continue due to the high interest from healthcare students.

The judges for the third debate contest were Dr. Faleh Tamimi Acting Dean of QU College of Dental Medicine at Qatar University, Dr. Derek Stewart, QU Health Manager in Academic Quality and Dr. Mohamed B. Elshazly, WCM-Q Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Medical Education Division. Both teams comprises an interprofessional team, the debate contest opened an opportunity to see the perspectives of various healthcare students and allowed the participants to increase their knowledge on the different issues concerning the novel coronavirus that is currently affecting the lives of everyone around the globe through reliable data and researches.
The debate was moderated by the previous president of the IPE Student Association and pharmacy MSc graduate Ms. Sawsan AlMukdad. The participants from the affirmative side included: CHS student Alya Naqadan, CPH student Sara Hussein and CMED student Saoud Bossa. The negative side team included UCQ student Alia Muzafar, CMED student Mohamed Saeed and CPH student Marwa Hamed. The debate followed a format where each student was given a 5-minute slot for a speech, a 2-minute caucus and a chance for a cross examination from the opposing team. The audience were allowed to ask questions directed to the teams after the debate and the judges also gave their clarifications and feedback for both teams. There were intense moments between both sides during the debate as the topic does not only concern health but it is as well an economic, racial and a political subject. However, after receiving the votes from both the audience (50%) and the judges (50%), the negative team was announced as the winning team.
Dr Mohamed B. Elshazly, commented: "It was a pleasure participating as a judge in this fascinating debate. I really enjoyed watching the students debate this hot topic from different angles. As we usher into a new era of decentralized and remote patient care, catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that telehealth will achieve widespread global adoption. Doctors and patients are finally realizing its value in augmenting traditional in-person care particularly in areas with poor healthcare accessibility. I am looking forward to watching these students practice telemedicine in their daily practice in the near future."
Alya Muzafar said: “The IPE Debate was not about competition only, but was a knowledge, best experience and most importantly great teamwork. Throughout the whole debate session panel, we were filled with an energetic excitement as being on a negative team. We were glad to have an opportunity, in a topic “Telehealth” that was currently affecting and used in our new normal life. We were also extremely pleased to have a debate with another dedicated team and students from different healthcare professions, which came up with strong arguments. If debates like these continue to take place, I will make sure to be a part of it excitedly”. Likewise, from the affirmative side team member, Sara Hussain, quoted, “It’s always a pleasure to be part of a passionate debate where we can discuss current hot topics. Being on the affirmative team, I have had the chance to research and learn valuable knowledge about the strengths and setbacks of applying telehealth to our current practice and how Qatar is currently successfully utilizing many different forms of telehealth to provide safe and accessible healthcare services. I truly enjoyed the debate and congratulations to the winning team!”
Sawsan AlMukdad, the previous president of the IPE association, commented: “During the past three years, I had a unique opportunity of being the president of the IPE Student Association. As IPE Student Association president during 2017-2020, I would like to acknowledge a variety of successful achievements that we recorded including organizing the Third, Fourth, and Fifth IPE Forums for Healthcare Students, High Blood Pressure Campaign, and finally the three debate series that are related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our events aimed to improve and facilitate collaboration and interaction between all healthcare students in Qatar and they were well-received at all levels. All members worked very hard as an interprofessional team to develop the IPE Student Association and to achieve our objectives by reaching all healthcare students and the public via our various programs and initiatives. I wish more success to come for the IPE Student Association.”
Jawaher Baraka, the new IPE president, said: “For me, it was a good opportunity to join the IPE Student Association since the beginning. I learned a lot of skills and I was engaged in a working student society from different professions. Being elected as the president is a great opportunity and for sure a memorable experience that I will learn a lot from it. Additionally, one of the most important aspects for a medical student like me, is to ensure that healthcare students and future workers are one hand to achieve one shared goal, which is patient healthcare. And this will be my aim as a leader from now on.”
At the end of the debate, Sawsan announced the new executive members of the IPE student association for the year 2020-2021. The President being Jawaher Baraka from QU-CMED, Vice-presidents Layan Sukik from QU-CHS & Halema Saadia from QU-CPH, Public Relations Sarah Dahmani from QU-CPH & Usra Elshaikh from QU-CHS, General Secretary Ayman Ibrahim from QU-CMED, Media and marketing team Necah Gimotea from UCQ & Zahra Yousif from QU-CMED, and the Treasurer Moaz Moursi from QU-CMED.