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Qatar University supports each individual as a center for their own developmental process and the basis for their progress, prosperity, and plans. The University works towards linking itself with Qatari society through study of the community's needs, institutions and individuals, and working toward the advancement of their scientific and technical capabilities.

The Continuing Education Office (CEO) connects the University and society. The Office identifies and meets the training needs of the public through specialized training programs, in addition to preparedness programs for professional and international certification, enabling the greater community to benefit from the expertise, experience and resources available at the University.
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Mar 08 - Mar 17
Introduction to Law for Non-Lawyers
Mar 15 - Apr 09
Arabic for non-native speakers (Level 2)
Mar 15 - Mar 23
Advanced Data Analysis - Using SPSS
Mar 15 - Mar 19
Time Management
Mar 16 - Mar 17
The MBR Short Course
Mar 22 - Mar 30
Marketing Innovation
Mar 22 - Mar 26
Effective Management Skills
Mar 29 - Apr 16
ACT Preparation Course