Event Planning Guidelines
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:33:33.

Events are an excellent way to directly showcase department priorities, achievements and ongoing projects. Planning is a crucial aspect for events, to ensure they relate key ideas, proceed efficiently, and are cost and time-effective. An excellent starting point is to determine the size of your event. Events may be small (up to 60 persons), medium (60-120), or large (120+). Determining this number will allow you easier and smoother decision making throughout the preparation process.
It is recommended to start your event’s preparations 2 months in advance for small to medium size events, and 3-4 months for large events, to avoid any unnecessary costs and ensure quality of your event.

To prepare for the event, the following will be needed


  1. General Information (10 minutes): All event organizers are required to submit this information, in both Arabic and English. This includes items such as the event's title, location, time, speaker(s), description of the event, contact details for your audience, and the entity preparing this event.
  2. If the event needs detailed planning, it is recommended to keep in mind that the Event Planning Form (EPF, or Events Details) takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Please prepare and bring it with you in your meeting with the ER Events Manager. If you haven’t booked an appointment yet, please contact the Events Section at : Events@qu.edu.qa .

The Full Event Details Form includes the following sections: 

NOTE: If you require any of the following: Design Requirements and Deliverables, Interpretation, or Catering, you need to obtain an approval from your department.

You are also kindly advised to visit the Event Planning Policy in the ER handbook as it explains the responsibilities between ER and the events owners.