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Last modified: February 21, 2015 11:55:04.

The External Relations Department was established to ensure that Qatar University’s communications, events and relations with all its constituents both support and promote its position as a model national university.

The Department is made up of :

  1. Marketing and Communications Office
  2. Events Office
  3. Alumni Relations Section
  4. Partner Relations Section 


The Marketing and Communications Office supports Qatar University in developing and promoting its reputation, through the production and management of a high-quality portfolio of print and electronic communications.
The Office is comprised of three sections:

Design and Production Section

The Design and Production Section works to enhance QU’s image through strategic advertising campaigns, and quality print and electronic communications.  The Section is responsible for designing, writing, editing and producing the University's print communications, and supporting colleges and departments in promoting their programs and events.  This Section is also responsible for the development of the University’s visual identity, and image-building campaigns that highlight QU's key distinctions.

Information System Section

The Information System Section is responsible for maintaining and continuously improving Qatar University's websites, and providing the colleges, centers and various departments with the tools and guidelines to optimize their own websites.

Media Section

The Media Section is responsible for developing and maintaining relations with local, regional and international media.  Through its planned agenda of media events, the Section is responsible for issuing press releases, coordinating one-to-one interviews, and providing resources to media representatives. This intensive approach enables both full coverage of the University's daily news and events, and also highlights its key messages, while placing achievements of distinguished students, faculty and administrators in the spotlight.

The Media Section also produces a number of internal publications. These include Al Haram Al Jamei (Arabic bi-annual magazine), Campus Life (English, electronic weekly newsletter and monthly print magazine) and Campus Today (Arabic, electronic weekly newsletter).

For more information concerning External Relations’ policies and regulations, please review the ER Handbook .


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The Events Office provides logistical support for QU's events, by working with departments throughout the university to assist them in mounting top-class events, including visits, daily university activities and luncheons, media events, student graduations, and major conferences and exhibitions.
The Office is also responsible for supporting new faculty and staff with their relocation logistics through the 'Yahala' orientation program.

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The Alumni Relations Section is responsible for managing the Alumni Club and its various cultural, career development, social and other activities, to retain and revive relations with University alumni.
The Section is also responsible for Alumni communications, including the Alumni newsletter, planning and organizing Alumni reunions, and other print and electronic communications

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The Partner Relations Section is responsible for developing strong relationships between the University and its local and regional partners. In doing this, the Section keeps close contact with colleagues in other departments, each of who have important links which are invaluable in developing consistent and well-aligned fundraising campaigns for various university initiatives.



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