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Last modified: December 22, 2013 08:51:03.

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CAS Unveils 5 Upcoming Degrees, Achievements

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is working on introducing 5 new degree programs -- 3 undergraduate, 1 Masters and 1 PhD  -- to begin in Fall this year.
This announcement was made by CAS Dean Dr Eiman Mustafawi who outlined details of the new programs at a press briefing held on April  which included CAS Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr Wesam Al Madhoun  and Associate Dean for Research Dr Mohammed Ahmedna who highlighted the achievements the College made over the last academic year in academics, student affairs, and research towards fulfilling its Strategic Plan. 
Undergraduate programs in Psychology, Public Health, and Policy, Planning, and Leadership were developed due to the high demand for specialized personnel in the three professional fields, Dr Mustafawi said. 
Psychologists are urgently needed to provide services to the community, and researchers in this field are increasingly important for Qatar as the country tries to find a balance with growing globalization changes while preserving its traditions and values, she explained.
Public health is an area that is seriously undersubscribed in Qatar and based on the national health strategy, the country needs to build human capital of health experts and researchers who are skilled in the field, Dr Mustafawi said.    She further added that the Policy, Planning and Leadership program will aim to produce professionals with the skills and knowledge to engage in and find solutions to the country’s energy and environmental challenges.
Additionally, a minor in Translation Studies will begin in Fall.  “There is a huge demand for translators – people who are capable of translating and communicating in both languages”, Dr Mustafawi said.  A minor in Philosophy is under consideration with the possibility of it becoming a major at a later date, she added.
Dr Mustafawi also stated that approval has been received for planning the launch of a Master’s in Materials Science, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences to begin in Fall.
 Dr Al Madhoun discussed the recent activities and achievements of the College in terms of strengthening the academic advising program, establishing internships internationally for CAS students,  student participation in local, regional and international conferences, student exchange program, and continuing education training.
“CAS set up an academic advising office which will facilitate our advising of over 4000 students and so improve the process”, Dr Al Madhoun said.  On internships, she noted that the College has formalized arrangements with institutions in Japan, Germany, France its students for summer 2012.  She went on to discuss students’ accomplishments in participating in research conferences around the world for which they received impressive feedback.
Dr Al Madhoun also highlighted the exchange program in which students from UK, Germany and the US are studying Arabic Language at CAS, and which has now expanded to them pursuing science and arts courses for which they will gain credit hours that can be transferred to their universities at home.
Dr Ahmedna outlined details of CAS’ research achievements, noting that the College gained grants close to QR80 million covering 30 external and 32 internal projects.  Eighty nine students are currently working on projects that are funded by research grants, he said.
He said further that the College also established an annual Research Day to be held in June in which students will present and discuss all their research projects to an audience which will include high level individuals from various sectors in Qatar.
CAS faculty is active and productive in terms of published articles, giving presentations at international conferences and symposia, and providing consultancies in their specialized areas, Dr Ahmedna said.  “To date, the faculty had over 400 publications, and 161 participated in international conferences this year”, he said.
In recognition of the extensive research activities of students and faculty, CAS has established research awards for humanities and the arts, and sciences for the most outstanding research projects of the year, Dr Ahmedna stated. 
He added further that the College ‘s programs and research activities are built on national needs and as a response to the objectives outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030.