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Last modified: December 22, 2013 08:51:03.

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Students' Top 60 Photos Selected for Exhibition and Competition

The final phase of QU's annual Photography Exhibition and Competition will be held on May 7-9 on the campus, and will culminate in a high-level prize giving ceremony on May 10 at the Sony Showroom at 51 East in Lagoona Mall, with  Sony sponsoring the competition by providing valuable prizes for the top 4 winners, organisers announced recently. 
It is the 3rd time the competition is being held since its impressive launch in 2010 by the Photography Society of QU’s Foundation Program (FP).    That year, the event exhibited 24 photos submitted by 20 Society members, and was hosted for 3 days in the Foundation Program women’s building.    Last year’s event had 40 participants and 42 photos which were exhibited for 3 days in the Women’s Food Court, and were later displayed for 2 days at a top designer mall, attracting over 150 people including many reporters from the English and Arabic dailies, and members of the public.
“Following the ceremony and its coverage by the media, many people in Qatar who were involved or connected to photography got to know about our Photography Society  which has been active for over five years, and about our annual Exhibition and Competition”, Foundation Program lecturer and competition organizer Mr Ahmad Hazratzad said.
The theme of this year’s competition is “Qatar Through My Eyes”.  Due to the success of the previous years and the competition’s growing popularity, organizers extended participation to include all QU students.  “In record time, we had about 68 participants, with about 400 photos, and this year, we had submissions from 9 male students”, Mr Hazratzad said.
In the first phase of the competition, the top 60 photos were selected for exhibition on May 7-9 at QU.  On May 10 at the prize-giving ceremony at Sony’s showroom, which is expected to draw a large audience, first-, second- and third-place winning photos will be chosen by a professional judging panel comprising portrait and architectural photographer Ms Lydia Shaw; Head of Creative Design at The Art Business of Qatar Mr Jorell Legaspi; and Qatar Museums Authority consultant Ms Sylvie Van Roey.  The fourth winning entry will be selected by the students themselves.
“The students’ submitted excellent photographic work and I can imagine that choosing the winners will be a difficult job for the judges”, Mr Hazratzad said.  He extended appreciation for the wealth of support the competition received from Foundation Program Director Dr Khalid Al-Ali, colleagues Claire Conroy and Allyson Young, and QU External Relations Department.  “They supported us to the fullest and enabled us to have an exhibition and competition that is better than before”, he said.