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Last modified: December 22, 2013 08:51:03.

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Students Show Keen Technical Skills in Recent Robofight

The RoboFight competition on May 2 organised by the Computing Club saw members competing in the “survival of the fittest” final rounds with the robots they designed and programmed.
Four teams consisting of 3-5 students from various majors and levels took part in the event, which was organized under the supervision of QU Student Activities Department.  Its aim was to offer Club members the opportunity to gain practical skills in robot design and programming, as well as to develop critical skills in strategic thinking and collaborative teamwork.
The Computing Club began preparing for the competition in Spring this year and held a number of technical workshops to support the students’ participation in the competition.
The winning team comprised computer science majors Ahmed Alam, Mohamed Agabain, Abdelrazik Tarek, Husam Abdulwahab, and Ali Khalil, whose robot “Abu Ga’Afar”  was voted the best robotic design by the judging panel.  The team won all rounds, including the final against the robot “RedFoo”, with each member receiving coupons worth QR500.
The judges included College of Engineering (CENG) computer science and engineering lecturers Dr Moutaz Saleh and Dr Loay Sabry, along with lab engineer Eng Laith Tawfiq AbuHantash.
Dr Saleh explained that evaluation criteria were based on the teams’ attendance at the workshops, and the documentation of photos and video segments they produced in the preparatory stages of the competition.  “However, on competition day, the evaluation criteria followed the principle of ‘survival for the fittest’ -- if a robot succeeded in beating its competitor under five minutes, it is declared winner.   Additionally, the teams were judged on who presented the best design and the best strategies.”, he said.
Head Computer Science and Engineering Department Dr Qutaiba Mallouhi said, “It was good to see our students working collaboratively.  This type of competition is a great opportunity for them in that they are equipped with skills and experience, and encouraged to bring out their creativity”.
Computing Club head and computer engineering student Yasmin Halwani added, “In the Club, we are very enthusiastic and continuously organize such activities which encourage the spirit of competition among our members. We will ensure that such activities will continue to be organized and that the flow of creativity will never stop”.
Computer engineering student and competition participant Nazar Salim said, “The Club offered us a unique opportunity to organize such a competition.  I acquired many skills and enjoyed working with the groups”.