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Last modified: December 22, 2013 08:51:03.

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Charity Begins at Home

Students from the Leadership and Civic Responsibility course in the Department of International Affairs (DIA) at College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) provided a warm meal for 365 men and women workers on the campus during last week.
The activity came following a task set the students to devise creative and charitable ways in which to contribute to their society. 
Rawdah Al-Mesned, Masba Obaid, Noor Al-Shamali, Hessa Al-Mana, Aysha Abdur-Rahman, and Fatma Al Dosari comprising Group One, and Alia Al-Dosari, Alhanoof Al-Muhannadi, Fatma Al-Nuaimi, Rawda Al-Hamadi, AlAnoud AlThani, and Nouf Al-Jarbaoei comprising Group Two, engaged in the charitable initiative to give back to the many support workers at QU such as the tea and coffee attendants, messengers, cleaners, gardeners, and other support workers who are employed in various locations around the campus.
Apart from the meals which included vegetable rice, chicken korma, fruit and beverages, the students also prepared and distributed gift bags containing shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, and other hygienic and cosmetic items.
Asked by their teacher Dr Farhan Chak on why they chose this specific initiative, Group One responded with the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi:  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.
Group Two stated: "This is just the beginning, we will not stop.  Our goal is to commit to this and regularly honor and appreciate our Qatar University workers.  As we learned in our course, we wish to live to the high ethical standards of Umar (ra) when he walked to Jerusalem, allowing his slave to ride the camel”.
 “This was purely a student-led initiative and I was blown away by their passion and commitment”, Dr Chak said, adding, “it was a superb display of leadership and humanitarian spirit.  I am pleased that the course gave them moments of reflection that inspired them to be more aware of their immediate environment and of the people who also participate in the life of the QU community”.
Next week, two more groups from the course will undertake their charitable initiatives.  Group 3 comprising Bothayna Al-Dosari, Mariam Al-Kaabi, Shaikha Al Kobaisi, Majd Al-Sada, Alanoud AlTamimi, Kaniz Farhana, Jowhara Yameen will also be distributing a warm meal to QU workers.  Group 4 -- Lama Fayz, Dina Abu Rumman, Haya Al-Marri, Amna Al-Jehani, Wadha Al-Marri, Salha Al Nammlan -- will visit young cancer patients at Hamad Hospital and distribute gifts to them.