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Last modified: December 22, 2013 08:51:03.

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Pharmacy Students Oriented on Emergency Response Skills

CPH students recently completed a First Aid & Cardiopulmonary (CPR) course in which they were trained on CPR technique, initial burn management, minor injury treatment and other important first line emergency needs by members of the Qatar Red Crescent Society.   The 8-hour training sessions conducted in March-May 2012 included intensive theoretical as well as practical demonstrations.   The training provided the students with critical skills applicable in a hospital, community and home environment and considered to be a requirement of a competent pharmacist -- to think clearly, react calmly and improvise in emergency situations.

CPH Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr Sherief Khalifa, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs thanked Qatar Red Crescent Society for contributing to the students' training.  "First Aid & CPR training is now an integral part of our professional skills course series which will be delivered in the second professional year of the undergraduate program each academic year.  This will ensure that the students have these basic skills before they commence their community-based practical training with our affiliated health care facilities in Qatar", he said.