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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:09.

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Intensive Training Courses Begin at LAWC

College of Law (LAWC) recently began its Advanced Intensive Skills Courses for New Lawyers and Legal Professionals in Qatar.  
The program is held in conjunction with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) and supported by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).  It is part of LAWC’s continuing education initiatives to engage the legal profession in Qatar in professional development activities to upgrade their skills and competencies in new and existing areas of law.
The 3-module, multi-topic program started on September 16 and will end in mid-October.  Participants will have the opportunity to be taught by distinguished international law faculty and practising attorneys.
 On September 16 and 18, course participants learned how to write clear and concise legal contracts of business agreements in the module “Advanced Contract Drafting” which was taught by Prof Dan Fitzgibbon Esq, counsel to, and retired partner of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, the largest law firm in Indiana, USA.   They took part in practical drafting exercises and were provided individual feedback and guidance on their efforts.
A module entitled “Beyond the Legal Arguments: Understanding the Sources of Client Problems” will be offered on September 23 and 25, led by Prof Stephen Kotev,  a Washington DC-based conflict resolution consultant.  The course will introduce participants to various methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), discuss lawyers’ roles in ADR settings, and cover intercultural differences as they relate to conflict situations.  It will be highly interactive and will include simulated problems for individual and group work.
The final module of the program, “How to be an Excellent In-House Counsel” will be offered on October 21 and will be taught by Irving Kagan, Esq, an international legal expert  who has held senior positions in the US government and has been General Counsel to a number of private firms.  Participants will learn how to understand ‘client’ and confidentiality obligations as an in-house counsel as well as how to manage litigation and outside counsel from an in-house position. 
Commenting on the program LAWC Dean Dr Hassan Okour said, “These continuing education courses are part of LAWC’s ongoing commitment to expanding life-long learning opportunities for lawyers and legal professionals in Qatar. Lawyers who complete these training courses gain valuable skills that enhance their law practice and service to their clients.  We encourage lawyers at all levels of experience to take part in these courses”.
Course registration information can found at: