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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:09.

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More Students, More Parking

In a bid to accommodate the increased number of students who entered the campus this Fall, QU opened a  new 510-vehicle parking bay this Sunday.  The bay, which was in preparation over the summer vacation, will house vehicles of male students, faculty and staff.   The facilities are located in the organization's new Research Complex Building. QU has had its largest influx of students in its history -- over 4000, of which over 1500 are male students.  The university also had an increased number of faculty this academic year.
A temporary parking lot to hold 150 vehicles has also been opened at the College of Business / College of Law building for male students.
QU has also put on additional inter-campus bus services that will run within the male campus.  Students can park their cars in the bays and take the bus service to points near their respective colleges.