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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:09.

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Seminar Held on Faculty Motivation and Teaching Success

The Office for Faculty and Instructional Development (OFID) in cooperation with Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar (WCMC-Q) held an interactive seminar on “The Passion to Teach” on February 28. The seminar was led by expert in teaching and teacher development and founder of the Great Teacher Retreat Mr David Gottshall, and was attended by faculty from various QU colleges and departments and from WCMC-Q. The purpose of the event was to engage faculty in a constructive dialogue on faculty motivation and student success.

It is part of OFID’s ongoing campaign to support QU faculty with professional development programs and resources, and facilitate the implementation of  best teaching practices in a collaborative environment through workshops and seminars.
OFID Director Dr Dalal Moukarzel said: “This seminar is part of our continuing collaboration with Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar.  As part of the higher education academic community, it is important to share such discussions with other established institutions in the country.  Developing the necessary skills towards effective teaching and enhanced teaching performance is key to improved student learning, for better student outcomes and success.  This is part and parcel of our commitment to collaboration and shared dialogue to find solutions that would serve the needs of the community”.

In his presentation, Mr Gottshall traced his own experience as a teacher, and noted the value for teachers to acquire new skills and for continuous monitoring of teaching performance.  He also pointed to the effectiveness of teachers meeting frequently to share ideas.  “The more diverse people think and work together to solve issues, the more significant solutions emerge”, he said.  
He encouraged teachers to have a deep passion for teaching, be good performers, look at other teachers’ performances, be adventurous and take risks.  He listed several demotivational practices that should be avoided such as discouraging questions during class, and failing to explain assignments to students.   Following his presentation, WCMC-Q Associate Dean for Medical Education Dr Lyuba Konopaseck engaged participants in a discussion on employing best practices that help overcome difficulties and raise faculty and student motivation.