Welcome to the Qatar University Finance Department website
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:18.
I am pleased to share this site as a means of improving communication between the Finance Department at Qatar University and all related internal and external clients.
Technology evolution has made business information available and accessible to all internet users, encouraging organizations to offer a better defined, more refined and competent customer service. Hence, this is the objective of our website: communicate efficiently with our customers in order to provide superior and easily reached services.

Our website, which will be updated regularly, aims to provide the following information and service:
  • General information about the Finance Department;
  • Contact information (a special email address is available to receive any comment, suggestion, or concern about our services);
  • Applicable policies, procedures, and forms (which will be included eventually) in order to simplify work processes and routines; 
  • Relevant announcements regarding financial and budget information; and
  • Links to related University departments and financial sites. 
On behalf of the financial division, I welcome you to look through the pages of our site which is still a work in progress. Please feel free to give us feedback on your experience as your opinion is extremely valuable to us.
Finance Director