Eligibility and Allocation
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Last modified: March 16, 2015 09:32:30.
  • Qatar University reserves the right to either allocate suitable housing or paying housing allowance to faculty members and eligible staff.
  • The type of housing provided by the University will be based on the availability and taking into account the employment grade and the number of family members (children).
  • Furnishing allowance is provided to faculty or staff eligible for University housing unit if housing unit provided is unfurnished.
  • Qatar University provides accommodations to its married staff that are on Grade 6 and above, provided that all family members have valid residence permits in the State of Qatar.
  • Qatar University provides a shared accommodation to its unmarried staff who are appointed on Grade 6 and above through Government Housing Department.
  • A faculty member who opt for housing allowance after spending more than 30 days in University Furnished Housing, will no longer be eligible for Furniture Allowance from University.
  • Furnished/Unfurnished accommodation will be allocated to faculty or staff as per their contracts and taking into consideration above mentioned terms and conditions.