Activities of Female Student Housing
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Activities 18/2/2013 to 24/12/2013 Click here



Collective Breakfast in Female Student Housing:

Female Student Housing organized a collective breakfast ceremony on Wednesday 30/06/2015. The breakfast was attended by all Female Student housing Staff and Students, the attenders expressed their joy and thanks for the housing management on this event.


Graduation ceremony for female Student housing:

Under the sponsorship of Ms. Fatima Hamad Al Thani, the Section Head of Female student housing and the supervision of the supervisors: Amna Afifa and Amal Alazwani, a graduation ceremony for female housing students 2015 held on this Saturday corresponding to 30th of May 2015, the graduates have been honored by head of the Section Ms. Fatima Al Thani.
The ceremony also included group of shows and competitions which satisfied the graduates and audience.

Course in the Art of Aldi Kubaj  “the third dimension”:

A course in the Art of Aldi Kubaj “the third dimension 3D” was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and producing family in the presence of  trainer: Nargis Taufiq and under the supervision of the supervisor: Nawal Al Naime from 11/05/2014 till 18/05/2015, this art is about decorating and renewal the surfaces like Trays ,Vases, Boxes and Furniture on the walls.
The trainer said: I am impressed with the level of efficiency of the students and their love to learn and do the best of what they are doing.
This workshop is very beautiful and useful, said by one of the students.
Course in how to start your new project:

A training course in how to start your new project was held at the female student housing on 04/05/2015. under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Social Affairs and producing family in collaboration with Engaz Center under the leadership of Miss: Mariam El Subyee, the main target of the course is the supporting and the development of  skills and abilities of the junior investors, and how to choose the project and studying it, then implement it and manage it.
By the end of the course the trainee will become able to:
• Present fundamental conceptions about the small projects.
• Plan and implement the programs and the small projects.
• Acquire the skill of the initial feasibility study for the small projects.
• Recognize the pricing and marketing strategy of the products of the small projects.
• Acquire the skill of determining the suitable projects for the new investor.
• Acquire the skill of analyzing the market and the ability of the trainee to choose his next project and study, implement, and marketing it in a very high professionalism.
A journey to Ras Matbakh protectorate:
The Female Student Housing arranged a journey to Ras Matbakh protectorate in Al Khor area on 25/04/2015. This journey comes under the activities of “A Flower for Every Spring” and it was supervised by the Supervisor Ms. Aisha Al-Ali. The students spent joyful time from morning to evening and had breakfast and lunch. The students were accompanied by the Supervisors Hamda Al-Hamad, Nawal Al Allaq and the nurse Kalthum Ahmed. Memorial photographs were taken during this journey.
Umrah trip for the students of Female Student Housing:
Among the different activities of the Female Student Housing, an Umrah trip was arranged from 11/04/2015 to 18/04/2015 for ten excellent students in the Female Student Housing. The trip was as follows: 
Al Madina Al Munawara:
The visit to Madina included visiting the Mosque of Prophet (Al Masjid Al-Nabawi) and Prophet Mohammad’s (P.B.U.H) grave, Al Baqe’a graveyard, Ohod mountains (Jabal Ohud) and the Ohud Martyrs (Shuhada’a Ohud) graveyard, Qubaa Masjid, Masjid Qiblatein and the museum.
Al Makkah Al Mukarramah:
In Makkah, the Umrah rituals were performed at first and it was followed by visiting few Islamic Sites like Hira’a Mountain (Ghar Hiraa), Thor Mountain (Jabal Thor) and the Hajj places. The purpose of these visits was to introduce the students with the great Islamic history and take moral lessons from the life of the Prophet Mohammad and his honoured companions (God bless them).
The students expressed feelings of happiness for performing Umrah and visiting such places for the first time. They expressed feelings of gratitude and were thankful for Dr. Humaid Abdullah Al Midfaa - VP and CFO , Mr. Yousif Ahmed Al-Sada - Director of Housing Department and Ms. Fatema Hamad Al-Thani - Section Head of Female Student Housing for their kind approval for this journey to the holy places.
The students were accompanied by the Supervisors Amena Afifa, Salwa Osman & Amal Al-Azwani. 

National Day Festival in Female Student Housing:

On the occasion of the National Day of Qatar, the Female Student Housing section organized National Day Festival on Thursday 11/12/2014 at 6:00PM in the Female Student Housing located behind Landmark Mall.
The atmosphere was full of nationalism and students’ love of participation for this country. The place was fully decorated with Qatari flags and stunning lights, which brought pleasure and happiness to all the attendees of this event.
There were several sessions of Qatari tradition like the Qatari wedding, poetry and national songs, besides the few traditional stalls like “the old-fashioned shop - Dukkan”, “the traditional coffee - Gahwa” and “the traditional crepe breads - Rogag”. It also had an ancient house corner, a perfume corner, Henna and face-painting corner.
The event received a huge gathering of guests, relatives and friends of students and everyone expressed feelings of pleasure & joy in the festival.
Loved-Ones Evening Ceremony - Sahrat Ahbab:
Among the events and activities, the female student housing organized the ceremony of “Loved-ones evening – Sahrat Ahbab” on Wednesday 12/11/2014.
The purpose of this ceremony was to refresh students’ mood after the exams and to foster a spirit of brotherhood and collegiality among the residents. The schedule of the event was as follows:
  • 7:00 P.M.: The students participated and started the grill (meat, chicken, corn and chestnut)
  • 7:15 P.M.: Distribution of popcorn & hot drinks (Karak Tea, Arabic Coffee etc.)
  • 7:30 P.M.: Distribution of traditional food (chickpeas, broad beans, crepe bread and barbeque)
  • 8:00 P.M.: Commencement of Show (Below zero).
The students expressed their happiness and gratitude to the management for organizing such activities which are considered an opportunity to strengthen bonds of love and brotherhood between the administration and the students.
The Section Head of Female Student Housing also attended the ceremony along with other supervisors. The event was under care of the supervisors Ms. Amena Afifa, and Ms. Amal Al-Azwani.
The International Day for Breast Cancer
In accordance with the International Day for Breast Cancer, which occurs on 23rd of October each year, and in addition to the keenness of Female Student Housing section on health awareness, the Female Student Housing organized this event.
The event was under the care of Ms. Fatema Al-Thani – Section Head of Female Student Housing, Dr. Khairat - Health Instructor at Hamad Medical Corporation, and the Supervisors of Female Student housing (Amal Al-Ezwani, Amna Afifa, Dhuha Khader, Salwa Eldawi, and Nasra Shaaban).
Female students Housing organized an awareness campaign about Breast Cancer which aims to raise awareness about the Cancer, methods of its treatment and the importance of early check-up through this event. There were also some informational brochures and publications about the Breast Cancer, and procedures of self-checkup and a short movie about the procedures of self-checkup. There was also a session where Dr. Khairat – Health Instructor answered all the questions raised from the students.
The students gave all the credit to the Female Student Housing Section for organizing such campaigns and raising awareness among the students and to show them the procedures of self-checkup and the importance of early check-up.

The familiarizing trip program for the main attractions in Doha:
The Female Student Housing Section organized trips program for the new female students who joined the housing to visit the tourist and historic attractions in the State of Qatar, during the period from 09/06/2014 till 11/06/2014, to introduce the new students to some main attractions in the State of Qatar.
The students expressed their happiness during the trips and they captured pictures and they became familiar with some main attractions in Qatar. The students were accompanied by the supervisors: Salwa Eldawi, and Nasra Shaaban.

Collective breakfast at Female students’ hostel:
Female student’ Hostel organized an annual collective breaking fast in the hostel with presence of the hostel management and the students in order to spread joy and strength  the relations between the management and the students in such peaceful month,  it also included sharing Varity of dishes  from everyone.
A workshop in clothes designing in Female students’ hostel:
A workshop has been organized in clothes designing art in Female students’ hostel, from the thirteenth of May until fourteenth of May (13/05/2014-14/05/2014) with presence of the Trainer Ms. Huda Al Swaidi with supervision of the Supervisor Ms. Nawal Al Naimy, a number of students attended the course to familiarize themselves with deferent and modern ways in clothes designing art and to enrich their knowledge side to apply it with all the elements of clothes designing, a thanks you certificate was given from the students to the trainer.
A reception ceremony of new and participating at the events of female students hostel 2014:
Female Students’ Hostel organized the annual ceremony of greeting the new students in the academic year 2013-2014, and honoring the students participating in events and activities on Tuesday 8/4/2014 in the presence of Mrs. Fatema Al-Thani, Female Students’ Hostel Section Head and the supervisors Aisha Al-Aly, Iman Abd Elmegid, Amina Afifa, Amal Al-Azwani, Doha Al-Gabouri, nurse/ Kolthom Khan, and honored students at 7 o`clock P.M.
The ceremony was opened by reciting the Qur`an by student/ Saeida Mohamed and the Qatari National Anthem, then the student/ Salma Haider presented a presentation about her experience in housing and great benefits that she obtained through the identification of students of different nationalities and self-reliance and the promotion of self-confidence, she also noted to services submitted by the housing management to students and thank the Section Head and supervisors for their helps to students, and demanded from new students to come back always to management to take advices and guidance, and present all services they need.
After this the student Ghozama Mahmoud presented a thought from her authorship titled “A girl in the form of Princess” , the ceremony also included a beautiful poetry by student/ Sara Al-Meheza, then the Section Head had delivered the gifts to the new students, and thanks certificates and gifts to the students participating in ceremony events of National Day and varies activities, the ceremony also includes power point presentation of the students’ names and the ceremony concluded by showing a video to the celebration of National Day 2013, then all attendance moved to buffet prepares for this occasion and taking a memories photos.
Before the ceremony, many works were prepared such as preparing the theatre with a projector and screen, making the advertisement of ceremony and display it on the ceremony and distribution of invitation cards on students and sending SMS for their invitations.
This ceremony was managed and organized by the two supervisors:
• Iman Abd Elmegid
• Aisha Ali Al-Aly.
Holiday in housing is better :
During the holiday of academic year Fall 2014, the university housing for female students witnessed a group of events for students who chose to spend their holiday inside housing, which the management of housing has establish a program of activities, tournaments, and trips through coordinating with students under title “holiday in housing is better” from Saturday 12/4/2014 to Friday 18/4/2014, this programs were as the following:
• Saturday 12/4/2014 Katara
• Sunday 13/4/2014 Al Khor garden and beach
• Monday 14/4/2014 water games / Aqua Park
• Tuesday 15/4/2014 Villagio
Wednesday 16/4/2014 a charity work which their profits given to workers inside the housing, such as drivers, cleaner workers, guards, garden worker, maintenance and restaurant workers.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 17, 18, and 19/4/2014
• Games and competitions on the soapy pitch provided by the housing management of students
• Outdoor cinema / Showing videos on the projector
• Barbecue
• Honoring ceremony for the restaurant workers
The students were happy of these activities and thank the housing management for their attention to produce all that would make student happy with hope of repetition of these events.
This activity was managed and organized by supervisor/ Iman Abd Elmegid
And by participation of the following supervisors:
 Amal Al-Azwani
 Doha Al-Gabory
 Nurse: Kolthom with students in trips and games.
Entertainment session  :
Housing Department-Female Students Section, organized an entertainment program on Saturday dated 8/3/2014 at 7:00 P.M under the supervision of supervisor Salwa Osman and Nasra Saaban, in the presence of the Section Head of Female Students Hostel        Ms. Fatma Hamad Al-Thani, supervisors/ Amina Afifa Al-Marry and Amal Khaled Al-Azawi
The program included (varies competitions / entertainment sessions / artistic showings / henna inscriptions / photography studio / grill)
The entertainment sessions aim to:
- To accustom the student to confront the group
- Acquaintance between the students and to strengthen links among them
- Showing the talents and give them the opportunity to train and refinement
- A fantastic field to practice various hippies
- Attractive and useful method to fill the leisure times for the students.
The ceremony of National Day 2013 – Student`s Housing of Qatar University:
Female Students Hostel celebrated in its headquarter the National Day of Qatar in unusual ambiance and decorating the place with purple and white color to fly the flag high over the festival through “Scarf” which wrapped around the necks of students or these decorations their hands that the attendance expresses about their relation with their country.
The housing management is keen to celebrate the National Day of the state of Qatar every year which was decorated for this occasion, and the preparation for this ceremony has been in process for a long period by the management, supervisors, and students. The ceremony has included this year several cultural items, military parades, Palestinian Dabkeh, plays, documentary films, and participating of several schools such as: Al-Mothna Ibn Haresa School, Al-Bayan School, and Pakistani School with cooperation of Qatar Center for Heritage and Identity, also the ceremony was attended by the wives of persons whom worked in the diplomatic corps approved by Qatar.
The ceremony was organized by Amina Afifa and Amal Al-Azawi: the aim of this ceremony is participating the Qatari students with expatriates as one family in National Day to enhance the ties of loyalty to the land of this country and to knowing them by our traditions and customs. This ceremony is distinguished by the participation of expatriates through the presented presentations. 
 Cruise to Al Safliya Island:

The Female student housing section organized a cruise to Al Safliya Island on 27/ 05 / 2015, 35 student attended this cruise, and it was launched from 12:00 PM till 8:00 PM, accompanied by the supervisors:
Hamdah  “in charge of the trip”, Aisha, Nasra, Salwa, Nawal, and the nurse Ms. Kolthm accompanied by the medical supplies.
The goal of the trip is to break the daily routine, also it was noticed that there was a great atmosphere between the students and the supervisors, also many memorial pictures were taken for the trip.







Collective Breakfast in Female Student Housing:

Female Student Housing organized a collective breakfast ceremony on Wednesday 30/06/2015. The breakfast was attended by all Female Student housing Staff and Students, the attenders expressed their joy and thanks for the housing management on this event.