Medical Clinic
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Last modified: March 16, 2015 07:58:13.

The Medical Clinic

The medical clinic provides free medical care services to the female students in the Female Student Housing, and also contributes in raising awareness and health literacy.

Some types of medical services provided are: 

  • Measuring the vital signs.
  • Measuring the height and weight.
  • Providing medicines.
  • Transferring students to the health centers if necessary.
  • Providing the first aids in emergency cases.
  • Following up on the chronic cases such as diabetes and hypertensive.
  • Transferring the emergency cases to Hamad Medical Corporation accompanied by the nurse.
  • Contributing in raising awareness and health literacy among the female students in Housing.
  • Participating in organizing and holding health seminars & workshops.
  • Supplying necessary flyers and brochures, and providing medical consultation.