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Last modified: July 09, 2015 11:20:55.


 Activities 1/1/2013 to 30/4/2013 Click here 



Collective Breakfast in Male Student Housing:

Under the slogan of “one family”, Housing Department organized the annual collective breakfast ceremony on 30/06/2015. the celebration collected all of university Housing students, Supervisors, head of male student housing Mr. Ibrahim Hashim and the Director of Housing Department Mr. Yousif Al Sada, The students expressed their joy and gratitude to the management for organizing such events and participating in it which strength the links of love between the students and the administration.



Entertainment trip to Elmorona beach in the north region: 

Including the entertainment activities created by the Male Student Housing during the semester, entertainment trip to Elmorona beach in the north region has been organized on Friday 06/03/2015 in which many of student housing as well as Mr. Yousif Ahmed Al Sada, Director of housing department who keen always to participate the students in the activities and events what reflects positively on the students in addition to all supervisors and head of the Section.
During the trip there were many events and competitions such as pulling rope and cultural competitions etc.
The students prepared the dinner by themselves for the trip participants.

Visit of Male Student housing delegation to the University of Sharjah
The internal housing


Marathon race

On Saturday at 04:00 P.M corresponding to 28/02/2015, Mr. Yousif Ahmed Al Sada, Director of housing department gave the signal to start the marathon race which was organized by Male Student housing covering a distance of 3 km long on Al refaa street in which 30 students participated as well as a number of supervisors who were careful on the participation of the students in this race.

Journey to holy lands to perform rituals of Umrah

Makkah and Al-Medina Al-Monawara
On Friday corresponding to 16/01/2015, a delegation of 12 students and supervisors travelled to the holy lands to perform rituals of Umrah and to visit the holy places in Mekkah and Al-Medina Al-Monawara and to know our great Islamic history through the visits to Ghar Hira, Jabal Ohod and Qebaa mosque.
The delegation also visited King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex.

The celebration of National Day of our beloved country Qatar

Under the sponsorship of Dr. Hamid Abdullah Almedfaa, Male student housing Section organized at the university housing a celebration on the occasion of the National Day of our beloved country Qatar dated 16/12/2014, and a number of officials of the university were present and the students of housing who participated in several shows of the party and show their culture.
The Qatari Arda also participated in the celebration with the biggest share and served popular Qatari foods.

Om Obaira:

The Male student housing Section organized a trip to Om Obaira rest house on 7 November 2014, this trip included several activities including sports and swimming. The students also prepared their meals by themselves, as the Housing section provided them with all the cooking requirements. The students stayed for overnight in the rest house as recreational activity for the students.

Seasonal Flu vaccination campaign:

The Male students housing section organized a seasonal flue vaccination campaign in cooperation with the Medical Clinic of Qatar University on Wednesday corresponding to 12 November 2014. The campaign was accompanied by a workshop for measuring blood pressure, level of sugar in the blood, body mass index, and percentage of hemoglobin in the blood.          


 Participation of the Housing Administration in the celebration of the Omani Embassy in its National Day:

In the presence of the ambassadors of several Arab countries in the State of Qatar to celebrate the National Day of Oman, the University housing represented by Mr. Youssef Al Sada, Director of housing Department, and Mr. Ibrahim Al Sada, the Head of Male Student housing section and the supervisors. the annual reception party organized by the Embassy of Oman in the State of Qatar on the occasion of the National day of Oman, in order to strengthen the spirit of cooperation and loving between the housing administration and participating the happiness with its students in their National Day.



The Male Student Housing visited the Aqua Park:


The Male student Housing Section started its activities in fall 2014, with a trip to the Aqua Park in which 30 students participated on Friday, corresponding to 10/10/2014. This trip is considered one of the activities made by the student housing. The Male students expressed their happiness because of such activities that help them to exert more efforts and diligence in their study.


Universities Competitions

Having finished all their matches without defeat, the university team (1) represented by the student housing team was crowned with first place in championship of universities competitions organized by the Qatar Football Association in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation after winning the team of Calgary college with the  result (3 - zero) in the final match, which was held on the evening of Saturday corresponding to 30/11/2013.
The team won the fair play award, and the player Muhannad Abdul Malik won top scorer in the tournament.
A number of supervisors of student housing attended the match, also a large number of students from public housing attended to support the team.



The  Saudi cultural attaché  visit to the student housing:

On the evening of Monday corresponding  to 25/11/2013.  Mr. / Mohamed Al Ghamedy , the Saudi Cultural Attaché , and  Mr. / Ibrahim Algahada head of academic supervision of  the Kingdom  met the students resident at student housing and discussed with them their study and  housing accommodation,  urging them to work hard with perseverance in order to acquire sciences and glorify the name of their country .

After the meeting, his Excellency visited the housing  facilities  and checked the services available.
At the end of the meeting, his Excellency the Attaché  thanked  the Department of Housing in general ,especially  the supervisors to their  services for comfort the students.
The meeting was attended by Mr. / Chairman of the Department of Student Housing and all housing supervisors.



The  Bahrain cultural attaché  visit to male  student housing :

In the context of communication and cooperation between the Housing Department and the Cultural Attaches to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) , His Excellency Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain /Abdullah Khalifa Al Kaabi met  Bahraini students resident in the students housing  at 7:00 PM on Tuesday corresponding  to 29/10/2013 , the aim of the  meeting was to consolidate the relationship between the students and the attaché and urge them to work seriously with perseverance and study hard  in order to honor the name  of their country ,and have the chance of meeting the attaché to overcome any difficulties and problems encountered in their education.
In the end, the students thanked him  for his support and appreciated  efforts.
He was welcomed by Mr. / Head of Student Housing for boys and the number of supervisors of the students  housing.




A visit to the Museum of Shickh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani

The museum of sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani hosted on Saturday corresponding 28/09/2013 a number of students from the student housing. The tour guide: Hagar was in the reception of the students where she gave a detailed explanation to the students of all the contents of the museum and passing on all its multiple sections.

The students loved what they saw in the museum of old cars and fishing vessels used in Qatar at the old times and the old life in Qatar, As well as most of the Arab, African, and other countries

The students were accompanied during their visit by the following: Head of the Student Housing Section Mr. Ibrahim Al Sada and the Media Coordinator Mr. Sead Gebril.




Visit to the Islamic Art Museum:

Among the activities of multiple student Housing Department for this year 2013-2014, its activity has been initiated for this autumn 2013, visit to the museum of Islamic art, has been coordinating with the department of the museum to organize a visit for the new students who have joined the family of student housing this semester.

On Thursday corresponding to 12/09/2013 , the students visited the museum where they were received by the dedicated leader of the group, who in turn introduced students to the museum and its content and visit all departments. The visit comes before the start of the academic year and by a preoccupation with students in the study to prepare them psychologically. The students loved this culture building, as well as their happiness with the visit wishing more visits to the landmarks of archaeological and culture sites of Qatar. The student: Qays from Canada, one of the students of the Arabic language for non-native speakers praised that the trip was fun and a lot of rare archaeological things that he did not see before. The student: Abdul Hadi Ibrahim from India added: I was very pleased after that I saw in the museum of Islamic art a necklace made by shah jahab- one of the kings of India- for his wife Mumtaz .  Accompanying students during their visit each of the following:
Said Gabriel - Media Coordinator at the Section of student housing and Najib Syed Abu Baker.

Reception of the new students in student housing:

The arrival of the new students admitted to the University of Qatar for the academic year 2013-2014, increased rapidly at Doha international airport. A number of housing administrators Were at the reception of the new students, as management was Keen to welcome the students at the airport and transfer them to Their place of residence allocated to the students in the Housing, One of the highlights of arrivals post-graduate Students in addition to the scholarship students and students of Arabic language program for non-native speakers. They also gave the instructions for housing and timing of meals and other administrative matters. For their part, the new students praised the warm reception that they met by the housing management as well as the services available in the student housing.

The collective Breakfast:

Under the slogan of “one family” organized by the Housing Department collective fast breaking ceremony as the celebration has collected all of university Housing students, staff and administration. And the Director of Housing Department
Mr. Ysef Al Sada, and Mr. Ibrahim Hashim participated in annual event, where they congratulated students and staff by the holy month of Ramadan. The student expressed their joy and gratitude to the management for organizing such events which is an opportunity to strength the links of love and brotherhood between the administration and students.



A cruise to the island of Alsavalah:

 Within the various activities in the section of student housing throughout the school year, which are in favor of student and lead to his psychological comfort that help him on educational attainment, especially these days as they are on the verge of the end of school year examination.
The section organized on Friday corresponding 3/5/2013 at 2 o’clock afternoon until eight o’clock PM a cruise on board a traditional boat to the island of Al Savalah included approximately (40) students, it has been an enjoyable trip for all were swimming in the sea and jumping  from the boat as well as competitions entertainment. The students expressed their happiness with this trip as it came at an appropriate time. The students were accompanied in this journey by / Ibrahim Head of the Section and all the supervisors: Abdel Azim Abdul Baqi Hassan Ali, Rashid Al Neaimi, Abdullah

Student Housing is the league champions for football quintets

The football Housing team is crowned as a hero of football league that organized by the Section of Students Activities in cooperation with Al Rayyan Sport Club where it is on the top of its group then win the quarter-final and semi-final and final with all deserved. The achievement has been done with the support of university housing management financially and morally for the various activities to housing because of their good and positive effects on the students. We would also like to thank the management of student activities at university to organize this competition. The final match was attended by Mr. Yusef Al Sada, Director of University Housing and participated in the coronation of the winning teams.








Students visits:

In Al Adha feast to Waqif and Ketara markets:

The Male Student housing section organized during Al Adha feast holiday students visits to Souq Waqif on 6/10/2014 and to the cultural district (Ketara) on 8/10/2014, in order to attend the festivals held in those places and to identify the tourist and recreational landmarks of the State of Qatar. More than 20 students participated in those trips.