Blackboard Resources
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Last modified: March 14, 2017 09:44:01.


Transfer Grades from Blackboard to Banner



Software Plug-ins for Blackboard

Blackboard 9.1 step by step Tutorials

Note: To make the best out of the Tutorials, please go through them serially as arranged. For further enquiries, please contact Blackboard Support.

Blackboard 9.1  Video Tutorials


Building Course Content

Grade Center


Creating Tests, Surveys and Pools

Creating Assignments

Course Utilities

Discussion Board, Creating blog and Journal

 Managing Group Work

Extra Resources


 For further enquiries, you can always make an  appointment with our Blackboard-Support  Team.

You can contact any of the Blackboard Trainers at your college .

 For more tutorial videos , please check the Reference on Blackboard 9.1 Learn - On Demand Learning Center .