Activity Insight
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Last modified: December 06, 2016 09:28:42.

Video explaining the new features that have been added on Activity insight.

This video will explain four new features that have been added to Activity Insight:

  • How to choose the course you want to be evaluated on.
  • Overall Course Portfolio and SCQ
  • Reflection Paper
  • Annual Faculty Performance and Review

Activity Insight Video :

Material that you can use, while preparing your Activity Insight Account:

Arabic Translation of Activity Insight Database

The Role of Reflection in Teaching

Student Centered Learning

Answering and Asking Questions

Improving Your Lecturing

Active Learning

Test Construction

Presentations By Prof. Ali M. Ali and Dr. Abdou Ndoye

Samples Of Teaching Philosophy

Sample rubrics used for evaluating Teaching Philosophy

Tips before and during the writing of the Teaching Philosophy

Links for further reference