Teaching Tune Up Consultations
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Last modified: March 08, 2015 14:17:12.

 Do you want to teach more effectively? Would you like to create and deliver compelling classes, design more meaningful and challenging tests and improve the learning activities you create for your students? If so, then you need to contact the Office of Faculty and Instructional Development (OFID) today and request a personalized and confidential Teaching ‘Tune Up'.

At your convenience, we will schedule an observation of one (or more) of your classes. Afterwards, we will arrange to meet with you to discuss your work and suggest ways in which you could become even more effective in the classroom. Importantly, and as mentioned above, this consultation is completely confidential. No records will be kept and absolutely no information is shared with anyone else.
Now that the Spring Semester is well underway, it is an ideal time to contact OFID for your Teaching Tune Up. 

Interested? Just send an email with the subject “Teaching Tune-Up” to ofid@qu.edu.qa   and we’ll do the rest.