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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:30:26.

OFID provides:

1. Workshops, General Lectures and Seminars on College Teaching

  • The OFID conducts and offers a wide range of periodic workshops, general lectures and seminars throughout the academic year to address the professional  and pedagogical development needs of  the faculty.

  • The office will also call for some internationally well-known visiting professors and distinguished experts to participate in conducting some select workshops  and seminars.

  • The office will collaborate and coordinate with the IT Services to introduce some international conferences and workshops on college teaching to faculty using teleconferencing technologies such as video conferencing and computer conferencing. 

2.  Individual and Small Group Consultations

Offering one-on-one consultation for faculty as well as small group consultations on various matters related to teaching and learning such as designing a course portfolio, writing a reflective journal on teaching, solving a specific instructional problem and designing learning environments.

3. Departmental Visits

Organizing periodic and non-periodic visits for various departments to discuss teaching-related issues and plan for teaching initiatives within and between departments.

4. Printed and Online Materials Circulation

Circulating printed materials related to educational innovations and effective teaching techniques and the different approaches for implementing them.

5. Mentor and Master Faculty Programs

Supporting colleges and departments in arranging for mentor-mentee pairing and the designing of master faculty programs to share insights and improve teaching.