New Local Supplier
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:31:27.

Terms and Conditions for Registration

Please complete the form as comprehensively as possible, note that all fields marked with an (*) are mandatory. Before you begin, please ensure that you have all the necessary documents in order to make the registration process easier and faster. In addition, supporting documents required as per the checklist must be scanned, prior to starting the online registration, it should be available in softcopy to be attached.

Documents required

  • Copy of Commercial Registration
  • Copy of Commercial Permit
  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate
  • Copy of Computer Card
  • Copy of Tax Card

Registration Disclaimer

Procurement Department Preserves the right to accept / decline any application based on Procurement Policies and Procedures. There are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that applying online through QU website will grant registration unless approved by the department. Approved applications will be contacted by Procurement Department to pay the registration fee in order to complete QU supplier registration process.

If you require any assistance in completing the form, please contact:

Procurement Department
Qatar University
P.O BOX: 2713
Tel: +974 4403 3222
Fax: +974 4403 3201
I accept rules and conditions stated above.