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    Last modified: February 08, 2017 10:06:12.

    Our law and policy research centre offers a platform of interaction between industry, academia and government agencies, to offer measurable solutions to the legal needs of Qatar’s national development. The Centre promotes legislative and policy development in conjunction with national and regional Ministries, interested originations and research communities.  Through research and training we are able to deliver a high quality impact for the environmental development and economic development of Qatar.

    Delivering excellence in our law and policy research Centre requires the highest performance and ambition of our team and partners.  We build national capacity and develop talent in law-related subjects required by the Qatar National Vision, through clinical education and training programmes designed to meet the needs of the present and the future.  We conduct interdisciplinary law and policy research in fields required by the needs of Qatar’s development, to promote national economic growth in a sustainable manner as required by Qatar’s Permanent Constitution and National Development Strategy.  We build awareness of laws in Qatar and promote the exchange of ideas for policy development and implementation.  With our partners we provide solution-based responses to the important challenges in Qatar’s rapid development. Our first priority is to deliver effective solutions for the needs of Qatar, and we are open to build networks and innovate to succeed.

    Dr. Jon Truby

    Director of the Centre for Law and Development

    Centre for Law and Development

    Qatar University
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