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    Last modified: March 21, 2017 12:23:30.

    “Human Development of all its people to enable them to sustain a prosperous society.” Qatar National Vision 2030


    The legal clinics operated within the Centre aim to empower students by building lasting legal capacity and knowledge on specific subjects. 

    Students gain valuable practical experience through solving real problems for beneficiaries, under the supervision of expert mentors. 

    We work with various beneficiaries, including governments & public officials, trade associations & businesses (particularly SMEs), and civil society groups (NGOs).

    Students work on real life cases and produce results that have a measurable benefit upon Qatar.  Students and the beneficiary benefit from the output of these clinics.

    The Centre and QU Law Clinics

    Some members of the Centre, with Law QU students, have worked with various beneficiaries, including governments and public officials, trade associations and businesses (particularly SMEs), and civil society groups (NGOs). Students and Faculty gain practical experience through solving real problems for beneficiaries. The clinics projects are run under the umbrella of QNRF’s NPRP TradeLab:

    The Clinic Projects

    Fall 2016

    Anti-Money Laundering Project

    Prior to the mutual evaluation exercise by the joint Financial Action Task Force/Middle East and North Africa Financial Action Task Force in Qatar in 2017, students complete a technical compliance assessment to report upon the extent to which Qatar is complying with Financial Action Task Force recommendations and recommend further legislative amendments.

    Compliance with International Standards on AML/CFT in Qatar: Gap Analysis

    Lebanese Transparency Association Project

    Accession (EITI).  Students complete a cost-benefit analysis & advocate on the legal aspects of accession of Lebanon to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Francis Botchway 

    Export Restrictions Project

    Students draft new proposals to enhance WTO disciplines on export restrictions in respect of food and agricultural products, with a focus on transparency. Talal Al-Emadi 

    An analysis of Export Restriction Rules and Proposals under the WTO

    Climate Change Project

    Students in the Enviromental Law course, instead of a final exam, completed a technical analysis report on the obligations the Paris Agreement on Climate Change would impose upon Qatar as a ratifying country, and the national environmental laws Qatar would need to amend to comply with implementing the Paris Agreement. This report will be presented to the Climate Change Committee at the Ministry of Environment and Municipality (beneficiary) as an “experimental clinic” for Spring 2017. Jon Truby and Talal Al-Emadi (offered independalty from TradeLab)

    Through ‘learning by doing’ we want to train and promote the next generation of trade and investment lawyers. By providing information and support on negotiations, compliance and litigation, we strive to make WTO, preferential trade and bilateral investment treaties work for everyone. Through pro bono legal clinics and practica, TradeLab connects students and experienced legal professionals to public officials especially in developing countries, small and medium-sized enterprises and civil society to build lasting legal capacity.

    Spring 2017

    In Spring 2017, a Climate Change Clinic will be offered officially to QU Law students, under TradeLab, using QU Law Speicial Topics course. Talal Al-Emadi

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