Access to LARC
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    Last modified: June 15, 2016 11:07:35.

    The minimum qualifications to access LARC include:

    • Engaged in QU-IACUC approved research
    • Completed training sessions for the care and use of animals in research(HCULA)
    • Completed a ‘Request for Access to LARC’ form

    When access request is approved, electronic access card will be issued. The access card will be programmed to provide access to only those areas within the vivarium relevant to the researcher’s work.

    All animal rooms remain locked at all times.

    The electronic cards must be kept in a secure place at all times.

    All LARC electronic cards must be returned to LARC Manager or LARC Director upon termination of the project or employment.

    Too find out more please visit of What You Should Know page

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