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    Last modified: June 15, 2016 11:06:55.

    Researchers benefit from LARC’s workshop on laboratory animals

    Biomedical researchers and students in Qatar had the opportunity to learn about the use of laboratory animals for biomedical research at a unique workshop that was held in the auditorium of the New Research Complex of Qatar University (QU) in April...


    The first training program on the humane care and use of laboratory animals held on January 5-18  at the LARC premises at Qatar University . The aim of the program was to engage trainees in a general understanding of the regulations and responsibilities in the use of laboratory animals for research . The theory course was obligatory for students and researchers who intend to use the center's facilities, regardless of previous training. It covered issues related to animal research such as national and international laws and policies, ethics, occupational health and safety, zoonotic diseases and rodent housing and husbandry. 

    HCULA II            

    The second training workshop on the Humane Care and Use of laboratory animal was held on 2 -30 May 2016 in collaboration between LARC Qatar University and Qatar Foundation. 


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