What Users Should Know?
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    Last modified: June 15, 2016 11:07:24.

    1. Surveillance recording system is in use .

    2. An Electronic Key Card is assigned to you for working in LARC at any time.

    3. You need the Electronic Key Card for accessing all areas you have been approved to enter.

    4. Your Electronic Key Card has an expiry date in-line with the expiry date of your IACUC approved protocol. Please renew your Card when you have a re-newed or new IACUC approved protocol.

    5. If and when you leave the University or do not need to work in LARC, you must return the Electronic Key Card.

    6. The Electronic Key Card is restricted to the person it has been issued to. It must not be transferred to any other person. You must not use it to let any person other than yourself into LARC member.

    7. You will be provided with scrubs to work at the LARC Vivarium.

    8. All changing rooms are provided with lockers to keep your personal items.

    9. No cameras or mobile phones are allowed inside the Vivarium.

    10. No smoking, no food and drinks in LARC vivarium or laboratories.

    11. Do not turn on/off alter or manipulate any timer, light or air conditioner controls




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