Diet and Bedding
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    Last modified: August 16, 2016 09:07:15.

    Commercially available laboratory animal diets are obtained from Trusted Vendor. The diet is selected for its high palatability and consistent formulation to minimize nutritional variables. As per country law the lab animal diet should free from animal protein source and radiation free. All diets should be irradiated one. Researchers are encouraged to fill the attached form to place and order.

    Cost of Diet

    Imported Rodent diet from trusted vendor is approximately 41 QR/kg including with transport cost. One adult rat and mice consume daily approximately 10 to 20 gm and 5 to 10 gm respectively. Diet should be changed at least once per week and preferably twice per week.

    Special Diets

    Special diets, as required to meet the scientific goals of the study, maybe purchased by the Principal Investigator, through LARC. Principal Investigators must complete the LARC Special Diet form and discuss their needs with LARC Director or LARC Manager.


    The feed will be shipped through Air. The time taken from date of ordering to receiving is approximately one month.

    Please Note: This information is for guidance only and quotations for accurate pricing will only be fixed at the time of order and payment


    Irradiated contact bedding, corn cob is used in LARC. Imported Rodent bedding from trusted vendor is approximately 25QR/kg including transportation cost

    Environmental Enrichment

    Environmental enrichment increases maximize the species specific behaviors and minimal stress induced behaviors. LARC uses Environmental enrichment products and nesting material includes mouse igloo, rat retreats, Nylon bones and nesting materials depending upon species and need.


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