Basic Training Program on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animal (HCULA)
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    This basic training program is covering the use of Rodents as animal models in biomedical research. It is composed of theory and hands-on training courses. The theory course is obligatory to all students and researchers who intend to use the laboratory animal research center (LARC) at Qatar University, regardless of previous training they may have had at other organizations. The hands-on course is obligatory only for all personnel who will be handling live animals at LARC. It is our obligation to help researchers and students to be trained and certified to use the laboratory animal at LARC in a humane and responsible manner. This training program will give the trainee a general understanding on the regulations and responsibility in using laboratory animals for research. At the end of each course there will be a written exam. The successful participants will be awarded course completion certificates. A copy of HCULAT certificate should be submitted with research protocols for QU-IACUC approval.


    Training Language: English
    Date & Time: May 9th, 2017  9.00 AM -  4.00 PM
    Venue: Laboratory Animal Research Center - Lecture room, Qatar University
    Registration:All participants in HCULA MUST finish CITI on-line training on using animal in biomedical research through and attach CITI completion certificate through the registration link
    Registration Fees:

    Participants Undergraduate
    Technicians Researchers(PI, Post-Doc, RA)
    QU Affiliates Free QR 200 QR 300 QR 500
    Non QU Affiliates QR 150 QR 300 QR 450 QR 750

    Theory course: May 9th,2017  

    The deadline for registration: May 4th,2017  

    The techniques demonstrated in this course are at a basic level. Passing it does not indicate competency; therefore more practice is required to ensure that the individual is completely integrated and learns the techniques before she/he starts using them.

    Hands-On course: to be arranged after passing the theory course

    Rat session: 1000 QR           1500 QR for non-QU affiliated participant
    Mice session: 1000 QR         1500 QR for non-QU affiliated participant

    * There will be no refund of registration fees for both courses

    * Registration fee of hands-on course will be refunded only if participant did not pass the theory course




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