Faculty Senate in Brief
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:29:48.

The Faculty Senate is the elected faculty body of Qatar University.  Each academic departments elects one of its faculty to act as its representative in the Senate. The Senate  acts as  a focal point between faculty and QU higher management. It elects  three officers from its members: a chair, vice chair and secretary for a two-year term. To run its business as mandated by its bylaws ,  Senate forms standing and interim committees. Senate serves, in particular, as an advisory to the VP&CAO.
The chief purpose is to represent and allow for the maximum contribution and optimum input of QU faculty and to come up with appropriate recommendations .

Also, the faculty senate provides both a means for the dissemination of information regarding policies and procedures and a forum for debating them. It solicits, receives and discusses suggestions from QU faculty and makes recommendations based on the conclusion of such deliberation..

The prime rationale for the forming of the senate is to strengthen the moving ahead towards transparency and sharing of responsibility, as the indispensable means to the realization of the university vision.

It is the duty of the members of the senate to use this forum as a vehicle to realize the vision of transforming QU into a model university that offers a high quality learning-centered education, in a healthy and constructive learning- and- teaching environment.

A member of the faculty shall be eligible to run for a seat in the Senate in a periodic or a replacement election, if he or she satisfies all of the following conditions:

  1. Being a regular full time faculty member for at least one year before the time of the nomination
  2. Belonging to an electing unit.
  3. Not holding an administrative position in QU.