Qatar's First and Canadian (CCAPP) Accredited
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Last modified: April 01, 2014 12:29:02.

Ya hala (Welcome) to the Qatar University College of Pharmacy website. This academic program was initiated to help meet the country's growing demand for medication experts. The College of Pharmacy is the first and only pharmacy degree program in the State of Qatar.  It is also the seventh college at Qatar University, following approval from the Board of Regents under the leadership of the Heir Apparent H.H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in June 2008.

The College of Pharmacy provides its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent pharmacists, to meet the health care needs of this society. As a new College and the first of its kind in this country, we are undergoing constant change as we strive to achieve excellence while meeting our mandate.  We invite you to visit this web site frequently for updates. Changes of particular significance will be noted in the "College News" section below. 



Mar 2014Dr. Mohamed Izham Presents on Pharmacy Practice Research (more...)
 Dr. Shane Pawluk Presents on Intrnasal Fentanyl for Pediatric Patients (more...)
 Pharmacy Career Fair Delivers Future Health Care Leaders (more...)
 QU Pharmacy Faculty Complete Systematic Review Training Programme (more...)
 Dr. Mohamed Izham Presents Research at UK Conference (more...)
Feb 2014Dr. Kyle Wilby Conducts e-Learning Session with U of Saskatchewan (more...)
 QU PharmD Program Celebrates Accreditation Success (more...)
 QU PharmD Program Obtains Canadian Academic Accreditation (more...)
 Dr. Nadir Kheir Invited Speaker at Oman Pharmaceutical Care Conference (more...)
 Ms. Marwa Najjar Joins College (more...)
 Pharmacy Students Win First Place Awards at International Conference (more...)
 College of Pharmacy Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle (more...)
 Dr. Kerry Wilbur Presents Research Poster at Canada Meeting (more...)
Jan 2014Dr. Kyle Wilby Presents at University of Saskatchewan, Canada (more...)
 Dr. Nadir Kheir Presents Webinar on Diabetes Management (more...
 Dean Ayman El-Kadi Presents on Patient Safety in Qatar (more...)
Dec 2013Third CPPD Event on Diabetes Held at QU College of Pharmacy (more...)
 Dr. Nadir Kheir Presents on Questionnaire Development at QU and HMC (more...)
 Qatar University Students Win the 1st Mental Health Student Competition (more...)
 Dr. Ahmed Nader Presents at CPH Weekly Research Seminar (more...)
 QU College of Pharmacy Students and Faculty Tour Qatar Pharma (more...)
Nov 2013Dr. Ayman El-Kadi Keynote Speaker at 16th Annual Congress (more...)
 CPH and Primary Health Care Collaborate for Diabetes Campaign (more...)
 CPH 1st MSc Graduate Student Successfully Defends Thesis (more...
 Dr. Munusamy and Dr. Elewa Present at College Research Seminar (more...)
 Dr. Shane Pawluck Presents Research at QF Research Conference (more...)
 Dr. Shankar Munusamy Presents Research at QF Research Conference (more...)
 Dr. Fatima Mraiche Presents Research at QF Research Conference (more...)
 Dr. Kyle Wilby Presents Research at QF Research Conference (more...)
 Dr. Mohamed Izham Presents Research at QF Research Conference (more...)
 Dr. Hilary Rowe and Dr. Nadir Kheir Conduct Second CPPD Event (more...)
 College of Pharmacy Students Visit Nuclear Pharmacy Site (more...)
 Dr. Alali and Dr. Wilbur Present at College Research Seminar (more...)
 Dr. Fatima Mraiche Awarded 'For Women in Science' Fellowship (more...)
 College of Pharmacy Participates at International College Fair (more...)
 QU College of Pharmacy Celebrates the 7th Annual White Coat Ceremony (more...)
 College News Archive 2013-2007



Researcher: Dr. Ashraf Khalil

Pyrimido [4,5-c]quinolin-1(2H)-one derivatives were shown to exert interesting biological activities including anticancer, antimicrobial, and cardiovascular.  (more...)

 Researcher: Dr. Kerry Wilbur

An orientation to the professional landscape is necessary for novices of any health discipline. We describe an assignment aimed to develop the professional literacy of pharmacy students within their local Middle Eastern context. (more...)

  Researcher: Dr. Mohamed Izham

In this study, the authors aimed to identify risk factors associated with TB relapse in the National Tuberculosis (TB) Control Programme in Yemen (more...)

  Researcher: Dr. Ahmed Awaisu 

Studies have demonstrated that pictorial health warnings (PHWs) on cigarette packages were significantly associated with increased awareness of smoking-related health hazards and behavior change. (more...)

  Researcher: Dr. Nadir Kheir 

A descriptive and prospective study that reports the clinical outcomes from the provision of a structured pharmacotherapeutic follow-up performed within the context of pharmaceutical care (PC) service with asthmatic patients in Ceara, Brazil. (more...)



PharmD Canadian Accreditation Celebration Click here for more information


          PharmD Program (FT/PT) - Applications for 2014 are now open.

MSc (Pharm) Program - Applications for 2014 are now open.


We are now accepting applications for the following positions:

Professor - Clinical Pharmacy and Practice (2 positions)

Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences

Administrative Staff (3 positions) 

See Career Opportunities for position and application details.


QU students who intend to apply to the BSc (Pharm) program should register for status as "Foundation Pharmacy" or "General Pharmacy" students.  Contact the Admissions Office for details.

The application process for the 2014 Academic Year BSc (Pharm) program (September 2014 start) will open in March 2014. See
Admissions  for details.