Academic Degree Programs
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Last modified: March 10, 2014 12:45:33.

The College of Pharmacy currently has three approved academic degree programs that have been designed to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful career in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. These are the: 1) Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSc (Pharm)) degree program; 2) Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program and the; 3) Master of Science (MSc (Pharm)) degree program in the pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy & practice. A pharmacy degree pathway diagram can be downloaded for further information.

The first BSc (Pharm) degree class in the country was enrolled in September 2007 and Qatar's first domestic degrees were awarded in June 2011. The first full-time PharmD degree class in this country was admitted in September 2011 and the first batch graduated in 2012 (6 year total degree requirements). Also admitted was the first part-time PharmD degree class and they graduated in early 2014. Finally, the first MSc (Pharm) degree class was also admitted in September 2011 and the first graduate from this research-based program defended her thesis in November 2013 and graduated in early 2014.

For additional information about these programs, please refer to links provided in the navigation panel at left.