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This week  will see the settling -in period for our incoming students . I trust that the efforts put by various QU teams into ensuring their smooth and effective transition into university life, will yield positive results. This will be reflected as the academic year progresses, by the degree to which they feel belonging to the QU community and engage in campus life.


In line with the notion of partnership with the community we serve, we were pleased to meet the parents of our new students in the recent parents’ orientation event.  Our relationship with parents is part of an ongoing strategy to bring the community closer and respond to their concerns and expectations.    It goes along with our maintaining close links with employers, alumni, high school students, and community members which help to guide our decisions that will advance students’ aspirations and empower them.


In the area of relationships with the labor market, this week also brought a host of MOUs with new and established partners.  These include the QU-Exxonmobil Research Scholars Program with ExxonMobil Research Qatar, academic chair in science and technology education at College of Education sponsored by ExxonMobil; research agreement to promote research and development in telecommunications in Qatar with Ooredoo and Texas A& M at Qatar; and professional development initiatives between Continuing Education Office and Malomatia.  More agreements are expected in the coming weeks.


QU’s growth and student empowerment are strengthened by these partnerships and collaborative programs that help to fuel our teaching, learning and research environment.


Student empowerment is a key area of focus at QU and a number of initiatives have been put in place aimed at inspiring their creativity, innovation, and critical-thinking, engaging their potential and individual interests, and readying them to compete at an international level.


Examples of academic initiatives that serve student empowerment can be seen in the recent Coupling Internship Program held in conjunction with Osaka University, and the Nasmou program in which we collaborated with Silatech and Oxy Qatar.  The Coupling program, in its second edition, provided students from the College of Engineering with opportunities to work alongside colleagues from OU in inter-cultural teamwork and knowledge-sharing, and demonstrating their sensitivity to issues of global importance and their readiness to take on the responsibility as leaders in their respective societies.  In its second edition, Nasmou engaged over 40 CENG female students in interactive sessions to equip with the necessary skills, competencies and mindset to ensure their smooth transition into the workplace, and help them succeed in a multicultural environment.


Another area of focus at QU is ranking which hinges on public interest in our international standing and our ongoing commitment to achieve improved results that reflect the dedicated work of our students and faculty and their numerous academic and research achievements.


I am pleased to report that QU entered today the list of top 500 universities worldwide in the QS Ranking. This has been largely due to the increase in faculty research output and its recognition on the international level.  I congratulate Dr Mazen Hasna as chair of the Ranking Committee on this achievement and take this opportunity to highlight his recent  achievement of being listed by Thomson Reuters as one of the highly-cited researchers 2015.  I also congratulate Dr Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi, Dr Ahmed M Megreya, Dr Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim, Dr Mert Atilhan, and Dr Mohsen Guizani who were awarded the Qatar University Scientists 2015 Scopus Award last June by Elsevier Publishing in recognition of their outstanding research in the categories of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, medical and health sciences, and engineering and technology.