Marcel Winatschek's Tokyopunk


Last week, we were very pleased to host a discussion session with Ambassador of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to Qatar H.E.Yvette Burghgraef-van Eechoud.   Students had the opportunity to learn more about the country, its relations with Qatar, diplomacy, and social media from the Ambassador as well as from their colleagues at the Mass Communications Department who presented on their recent trip to The Netherlands.

Our student interaction with environments at top universities in the world serve to engage their worldview and present opportunities for them to become better acquainted with new and emerging techniques and methods in their particular field of study.   It also encourages them to share their culture with others and build a network of goodwill and camaraderie.

In this regard, I point to our ongoing exchange program with Peace College whose students were recent visitors to Qatar University.  The program is supported by the Exchange Programs Section and has been in existence for 7 years, benefitting countless students from both sides.  It was also the recipient of the International Education 2012 Best Practice Award that  honors prominent higher education and student affairs leaders, programs, and initiatives for contributions and impact on inter-cultural and educational exchanges.

Another area in which our students benefit in no small measure is in the internship and training programs provided by leading companies in Qatar.  These companies are our key partners and are the employers of so many of our graduates.  It was indeed fitting for us to honor 98 of them recently for their contribution to enriching students’ academic experience and equipping them with on-the-job tools to enter the job market in short order.

We are proud to be partners with all sectors of the society and the recipient of their largesse which not only benefits our students but also our faculty, staff, and the wider community.  The donation last month of 300 books to the Library from the British Embassy in Doha, British Council Qatar and Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing is a perfect example.  It embodied the relationship between QU and the British agencies in Qatar under the umbrella of academic and cultural cooperation.  They have been strong supporters of QU through various academic activities, which provide rich resources relating to British arts and culture.

These books will enhance the resources provided by the Library to the QU community and to the schools, academic and cultural institutions, government and other sectors, as well as members of the society.

In closing, I draw your attention to the publication of the Winter 2013/2014 edition of College of Law’s International Review of Law.  The edition’s Issues 1 and 2 are available online and will be printed in one full volume to be distributed among the legal community in Qatar and internationally.  They include articles from Qatar-based and international authors on corporate law, international law, admiralty law, energy law, Islamic law, medical law and media law.

I am pleased to say that, launched in 2012, the IRL is the only legal journal in Qatar and has gained considerable interest and readership on the domestic, regional and international level.  What makes the International Review of Law a distinguished journal is that its open access nature provides readers with high quality and inspiring discussions of legal concepts and perspectives in different jurisdictions and engages interaction among legal professionals and students from diverse disciplines.