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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Mariam Al-Maadeed Director of the Center for Advanced Materials on receiving the Plastic Excellence Award 2014 from the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association (GPCA). Dr Al-Maadeed emerged the winner among researchers shortlisted from academic and research institutions, research centers and industrial companies in the Gulf and Middle East region.

She was recognized for her outstanding academic achievements in research on innovative new products, processes and applications of plastics as well as the quality and excellence of her published articles in international journals and presentations at conferences regionally and internationally.

Last week, the Department of Dawa and Islamic Culture 2nd Cultural Day highlighted a core message that stands at the heart of the QU community – celebration of and respect for each other’s cultural and religious heritage.  The event underlined how globalization is opening up the borders to knowledge of peoples and cultures around the world.  It also encouraged self-reflection on the importance of honoring one’s own religion which in turn will engage a better understanding of others.

The 3rd QU Study Abroad Fair which will be held next week will see students and faculty meet with embassy representatives and university exhibitors to learn more about study abroad options and opportunities for research collaboration.  The Fair follows the success of the previous two, and is becoming a popular event on the QU calendar and I am proud that we continue to provide these valuable opportunities to our students and faculty.

I was pleased to learn of the participation of our mammalogy expert Dr Nobby Yamaguchi from CAS Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences in a recently-published study on the origins of modern lions.  The study entitled “Revealing the maternal demographic history of Panthera leo using ancient DNA and a spatially explicit genealogical analysis” also involved scientists from universities in Australia, Denmark, France, Sweden, UK, and USA.    The research was published this April in the BMC Evolutionary Biology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and was a top story on the BBC News webpage, Nature/Environment Section.

This underlines the breadth of expertise of our researchers and faculty and their commitment to elevating the culture of research at QU.

Self-leadership was the topic of a workshop that benefitted over 50 women students from colleges across QU to acquaint them with the concept of building their personal leadership capabilities in light of the changing path for women in Qatar and the objectives outlined in the National Vision 2030 and the development strategies.

Leadership skills are critical for self-confidence and personal determination to achieve lifetime success.  It is important for us at QU to grow ambitious women leaders who will be well-equipped to take their place in top positions in all sectors as the country continues on its rapid growth and progress.