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Last week, we celebrated 1269 graduates who are now on their way to realizing their hopes and dreams, both personally and professionally.  They will go on to be the next leaders and drivers of innovation in Qatar. We are pleased that with each passing year, the level of scholarship continues to rise and we are graduating more students who have achieved GPA 3.5 and above.

These graduates are also part of QU’s growing legacy that continues to be strengthened by our leadership in academic and research excellence in the region.  As we bid them farewell, we are preparing to welcome the new batch of students who will be joining us in September and starting on their journey towards success.  It is gratifying to know that QU is the top choice for national students who are leaving Qatar’s high schools more confident and prepared to take on the challenges of university life, and more aware of their future role in the country’s development process.

I am proud to share the news that QU has received the Partnership Excellence Award for its Qatarization efforts from Qatar Petroleum.  This is the second time we have received this prestigious recognition — the first was from Qatar Ministry of Industry and Energy — which underlines our commitment to implementing the best Qatarization practices and provide QU, as well as the private and public sector, with well-qualified generations of Qatari nationals in the spirit of the objectives detailed in QNV 2030 and the development strategies.

So strongly are we committed to the national Qatarization exercise that we have dedicated a special unit at QU aimed at increasing the number of national faculty and staff members.  This unit will facilitate strong employment outcomes for our national student graduates and likewise increase the number of professors in various disciplines.

Our long-term plan includes 3 important initiatives – scholarship programs to support national students’ further study for Masters and PhDs and importantly, in subjects that are strong contributors to and timely for Qatar’s development; capacity building programs for national faculty aimed at maximizing their knowledge and competency; and post-graduate programs that provide opportunities for indepth academic and research study and later to contribute to the knowledge-based environment that is building in Qatar.

We continue to spare no effort to support qualitative Qatarization, and remain cognizant that our position as the country’s first national university holds the responsibility to grow generations of nationals to take the reins of the country’s progress and ensure the realization of QNV and the national strategies.

In closing, congratulations are in order to Dr Majeda Khraisheh on her recent achievement of the highest membership rank for a professional engineer — Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (FIChemE).  As director of our Honors Program and a distinguished chemical engineer, Dr Khraisheh is a role model for our students — especially women students — in their pursuit of excellence in engineering or in any other discipline they may choose.