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As we prepare for the holy month of Ramadan and the end of term, we reflect on the past year and the breadth of what we have achieved as the university continues to develop.  We should be proud to end this year on a high note of successful student academic outcomes, award-winning research, improved institutional efficiency, and recognized progress on Qatarization.

The academic year has witnessed a myriad of achievements ending on a high note of our students winning the  Microsoft Imagine Cup Pan Arab 2014 Citizenship category.  They will go on to represent the Arab World at the Imagine Cup Finals in Seattle, USA in July.  Many congratulations to them and their supervisor.

The year started well with the successful completion of the Strategic Plan 2009-2013 and launching the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 with 4 areas of focus – to nurture student experience, optimize institutional effectiveness, build international recognition, and recognize scholarly excellence.

We also launched our 5-year roadmap of 4 priority areas of research excellence  — Energy, Environment and Resource Sustainability; Social Change and Identity; Population, Health and Wellness; and Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT).  We were off to a good start with research successes ranging from student awards to faculty grants and research administration recognition.  Our faculty research output has doubled this year with more than 380 research findings and papers published in prestigious international scientific journals and publications.

2013-2014 also saw a number of international recognitions and accreditations such as the PharmD Program by CCAPP and the ISO/IEC 27001 accorded the ISMS in the ITS Department. This is in addition to the CPPD’s accreditation by the American Council of Pharmacy Education (ACPE).  On the administrative side, our academic advising program became the first in the Gulf to be accredited by NACADA, so recognizing our commitment to student engagement and success.  In further recognition, QU was asked by the accrediting body to host its annual meeting in Doha in the coming November.

Our focus on supporting students’ in their determination to succeed led us to launch a First-Year Experience self-study in 2013 to identify opportunities for improvements which will lead to higher levels of student learning, personal upliftment and persistence in achieving success.

The academic year will also be recorded in our history as the one in which QU opened its state-of-the-art research complex and 3 new centers of research excellence.

Outstanding faculty and student accomplishments also lit up the academic year:  NPRP first-time Exceptional Proposal Award; State Awards for Sciences, Arts and Literature – 4 faculty; Emir Academic Excellence Award – 10 graduates; Champions of National Round Imagine Cup 2013 and 2014; 1st place GCC Hybrid Car Grand Prix 2014 (GTL category), and others.

In brief, it has been a great year for QU!

We cannot however rest on our laurels as there is still much to be done and to accomplish.  As you know, there is no deadline for academic development and progress. Each year we look to developing and implementing new initiatives and strategies to keep us in sync with students and parents’ expectations and to be relevant to the needs of the labor market and the wider community.

The Strategic Plan (2013-2016), 5-year research roadmap, and infrastructure expansion plan underpin our goals and objectives in the coming years to ensure readiness for increased student numbers, institutional growth, new and emerging sectors in the job market, and new areas of research to sustain ever-changing societal challenges.   These markers are aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the development strategies as well as with the national development plans.

This academic year saw us enter a phase of building an international reputation and seeking to advance our ranking among world universities.  We have participated in a number of strategic events to boost recognition of QU’s academic and research excellence and engender international interest in our ongoing development and progress.  This is an exercise of commitment and resolve which, over time, will reap rewards that will drive our ranking among the top institutions in the world.

As our plans continue to fall into place, we can expect another busy and productive year as we settle in new students, develop more programs, step up our efficiency, and guide the completion of several expansion works.  As always, your skills and expertise are the life into these endeavors.

I extend very best wishes to our students in their exams and to the professors who guided them to this moment.

In closing, I wish the entire QU community and their families a reflective and peaceful Ramadan, and a happy and restful summer.