Marcel Winatschek's Tokyopunk


Sustainability on QU campus has long been a priority issue for the organization.  Universities play a very strong role in supporting national goals on sustainability and at QU we continue to seek opportunities for information exchange, ideas, and best practices for achieving sustainable campus operations and integrating sustainability in research and teaching.

I am pleased to see the efforts that are being made at QU towards advancing dialogue on this issue such as the recent event “QU as a Sustainable Campus” organized by the College of Engineering that drew a host of experts from QU and leading organizations in Qatar.  The research project presented during the event by PhD candidates that outlined a strategy and implementation plan for sustainability on QU campus, highlighted the importance of operational planning, education and research, and community engagement in realizing this goal.  QU is a leading partner in the initiatives for sustainability, not only on its own campus, but also within the wider community, in promoting green building, smart cities, and best practices in this regard.

It is so important for us to have a holistic approach to sustainability to realize its benefits, so I encourage QU members to consider sustainability in their various activities both on- and off-campus.  The spirit and culture of sustainability is increasingly becoming a way of life around the world, and Qatar attaches great importance to sustainability and environment protection in its vision and strategies.  We can individually do our part in advancing these efforts to roll back threats to our environment and leave it habitable and safe for our children and grandchildren.

It is a proud moment for Qatar to celebrate the coming 10th anniversary of the Qatari Civil Code.   The College of Law’s conference on November 23-24 comes as part of our enduring commitment to the advancement of law and legal processes in Qatar.   This is an important opportunity for our law students to gain further insight from experts in the legal sector into the basis, principles, interpretation, and application of the Code. The College continues to enrich its students’ legal education on a range of national, regional and international initiatives and instruments on topics such as human rights and other critical issues.  Their participation in the recent conference on the ‘Challenges to Security and Human Rights in the Arab Region’ brought them in contact with leading figures such as the Secretary General of the Human Rights Committee and Chair of the Board of the Arab Human Rights Fund and in discussion on human rights protections.  These experiences add value to their education and preparation for the legal world in Qatar and beyond.

As the academic year progresses and our new students continue the process of settling into university life, we are reminded of the importance of ensuring their smooth transition into an environment far different from their former schools. We are also reminded of our commitment to supporting students in overcoming the challenges they may be experiencing as they move forward in their majors and some towards their final year, through guidance, support and advice.

The welfare of our students is paramount and we have spared no effort in providing services, resources and facilities towards this end.  These include the Center for Academic Advising and Retention, the Student Counseling Center, the Student Learning Resource Center, First Year Experience, and New Student Orientation as well as a host of learning support services and extra-curricular activities that aim to nurture our students’ competencies, boost their confidence and maximize their chances of academic and career success.

We are committed to nurturing the abilities of each and every one of our students, helping them reach their full potential, and generally guiding and supporting them through the joys and trials of being a university student, to produce graduates well-prepared to become leaders and change-makers in their respective fields.