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Class Of 2022 Graduation Ceremony (45 Cohort) 25 - 30 May 2022
Sport and Events Complex - Qatar University (A07)
Live Streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female graduates are kindly requested to read the FAQ carefully, as it covers all inquiries raised by the graduates.

The graduation ceremony lasts from one hour to one hour and a half.
Female graduates will be honored by the Dean of their respective college in the presence of the University President or his representative.
Yes, there will be buses at the parking areas, located at a distance from the graduation hall to transport graduates and their guests to the graduation ceremony.

During the distinguished female graduation ceremony, the nomination for graduation speaker is limited to distinguished undergraduate female students with a GPA of 3.5 and higher, and for distinguished graduate female students who achieved outstanding research (Qataris).

In the male ceremony and individual college ceremonies, the nomination is open for all graduates with a GPA of 2.80 or above, including graduate students (Qataris).

All candidates who meet the conditions, can speak eloquently, have clarity of voice, and have appealing charisma are subject to a personal interview by a specialized committee to test them and make a final sound selection.


University e-mail is the official means to communicate with graduates, therefore, you have to ensure that your account is active. You can contact the IT Department if you encounter any issues.

Each graduate must activate his/her QU e-mail continuously to receive all the information about the graduation ceremony, and must validate his/her contact information and update them continuously.

Please check your academic record with the relevant section, Records Section, Student Records Department at
The graduation ceremony is limited only to Fall 2021 graduates, Winter 2022 graduates, and graduates who are expected to graduate in Spring 2022.
Graduates will be arranged according to college seniority, the academic degree, and the GPA.
The graduation ceremony for the class of 2022 will include graduates who are expected to graduate at the end of Spring 2022 semester.
Yes, students will graduate in the Spring 2022 semester, even if the graduate recieved an F grade in one of the courses.
Due to the ceremony being held before the completion of grading for Spring 2022 semester, graduates will be graduating according to their last GPA, while students who are expected to graduate at Spring 2022 semester will graduate based on their Fall 2021 GPA.
The graduation ceremony will be for the actual graduates of Fall 2021, Winter 2022, and who are expected to graduate in the Spring 2022 semester.
No. Graduation for any of the expected graduates cannot be postponed and electronic invitation will be sent to all graduates. Graduates who do not attend the designated graduation ceremony will not be enlisted to attend the following graduation ceremony.
During the graduation ceremony, the names of graduate attendees in the ceremony hall are displayed, and it is not possible to amend the names displayed as they are identical to the student's record, given that an email was sent to update the names before receiving the graduation statement.
A graduate can still attend the graduation ceremony despite unsettled tuition fees.
Please read the conditions of excellence for Graduate Studies on the page of distinguished students or contact the Office of Graduate Studies for confirmation.
Distinguished female graduates will be honored based on their cumulative GPA. You can visit the page of distinguished students to view the conditions for excellence.
You can read the conditions of excellence on the page of the distinguished students.
Yes, a distinguished female graduate will recieve two invitation cards, one for the distinguished female ceremony and the other for the college ceremony.
The graduate can bring any official document that proves her/his identity (ID card, driver's license, passport) upon entering the ceremony.

E- registration

We advise all graduates to present their QU ID card or Qatari ID card to complete the attendance registration process easily, and if it is forgotten or lost, the entry will be allowed by presenting a copy of QU ID card or Qatari ID card. All the data will be identified and verified by the registration team.
Each graduate will receive an electronic invitation card for his/her guest via the University email before the ceremony ahead of time. If the graduate is unable to access his/her e-mail for technical reasons, he/she can contact the IT team dedicated to assisting graduates via this email If the graduate encounters an unresolved technical problem, s/he can get a hard copy of the invitation card when s/he attends the graduation ceremony from the support team in the registration hall.
Yes, for a distinguished woman graduate, she will receive two invitation cards for her guest, one for the distinguished female ceremony and the other for the college ceremony.
No. The student will receive only one electronic invitation card that has a special QR Code permitting entry for only one guest. Accordingly, the electronic invitation card cannot be used for more than one guest.
During the graduation ceremony, graduates must register their names in the graduation hall upon arrival to the ceremony. Accordingly, the names of the absentees or those who do not register their names when entering the hall will not be displayed.
Electronic registration at the entrance gate is considered very important, as the graduate's name will not be displayed unless s/he completes the registration process, and the graduate will be considered absent from the ceremony if s/he does not register.

Invitation Cards

A copy of the invitation card will be sent by e-mail to all graduates. You can present the invitation copy to your workplace.
An electronic invitation card will be sent to all graduates to inform them of the date of the graduation ceremony. Graduates' will be allowed entry by presenting a QU ID card or Qatari ID card at the registration desk.


Male Ceremony and College Ceremony

The Communications and Public Relations Department at Qatar University will provide photography services to the graduates when they ascend the podium. For the individual college ceremonies, photographing female graduates is subject to their request and consent. The respective department will hand over the photos to the deans’ offices in due course after the ceremony. Graduates are kindly requested to refer to their colleges (Dean’s office) to inquire where to receive their graduation photos after the graduation ceremony.

Male ceremony pictures will be posted on social media (Twitter).

Distinguished Male Ceremony and Distinguished Female Ceremony

Receiving photos from the Distinguished Graduation Ceremonies is not possible as photography is exclusively carried out by the photographers of the Amiri Diwan. As the media section at the Amiri Diwan will select a limited number of photos and send them for publication in the newspapers.

Live streaming of the graduation ceremonies can be watched via QU platforms by opening the link at the top of the page. Video recordings of these ceremonies will be available at QU platforms immediately after the end of ceremonies as the video recordings can be viewed by opening the link at the top of the page.

Publishing the video recordings of the graduation ceremonies aims to document the ceremonies, and provide an opportunity for graduates’ families and loved ones, and the graduates themselves, to view the ceremonies, knowing that female graduates will be streamed from a distance to preserve privacy.

Please note that attending the ceremony means your approval to stream, record, and publish the graduation ceremony on social media platforms.

Pre-Ceremony Rehearsal

Given the current conditions, the rehearsal will be limited to male and distinguished female graduates. However, for the rest of the ceremonies, female graduates can view the most important instructions for the graduation ceremony via the graduation instruction video, which has been specially prepared for graduates.


No one can represent a graduate and sit with the graduates at the graduation ceremony.
As ceremony timings and dates were included in the ceremony timings page, graduates must come early as entry gates will be closed at the times previously announced. This will help registration of graduates in the electronic system and arrange for their seating.

In case a graduate is unable to attend the graduation ceremony, it is not permissible to anyone else to attend and ascend the podium on his/her behalf to receive his/her gift during the ceremony.

Graduates (Class of 2022) who were absent from the graduation ceremony can go to the Business Support Office at the Student Affairs Business Services to receive their graduation gift after a week from the last graduation ceremony and within a maximum of 6 months from the date of his/her graduation ceremony provided that s/he presents his/her Qatari ID Card.

If another person is authorized to receive the gift on behalf of the absent graduate, then, the authorized person must present a copy of the graduate's Qatari ID card as well as his/her Qatari ID card and the authorization letter.

Location of Gift Receiving

  • For Men: Business Support Office, Student Affairs Business Services, Faculty Building (F13), 2nd Floor, Office No. 304
  • For Women: Business Support Office, Student Affairs Business Services, Admission and Registration Building (C12), Ground Floor, Office No. 114

Graduation Gown

The previous graduation gowns cannot be used as the gown has changed for Class of 2022. Everyone is requested to purchasing the new gown.
The gown should not be changed, but the length can be modified at any dressmaking shop without changing the design and shape of the gown.
The graduate will not be exempted from paying the graduation gown fees. Wearing the gown is a condition to attend the graduation ceremony.
Graduation gowns cannot be tried before purchasing them. The sizes are shown on the graduation ceremony website.
The gown measurements table is available on the graduation ceremony website; please view it before completing your purchase.
The size of the graduation gown, which was chosen through the payment system, cannot be changed, as the measurements table is available on the graduation ceremony website. Please view it before completing your purchase.
The gown cannot be replaced if the received size matches the size that was requested through the payment system. If a different size was received instead of the size that was requested, the graduate must visit the branch from which the gown was received and present the payment receipt showing the size of the graduation gown. Kindly ensure the size is correct at the time of receiving the gown.
If the payment is made more than once, please send an email to the Gown Committee, and the graduate will be contacted and provided with a reimbursement form to fill out and resend it to reverse the payment. However, if the graduate has made the payment for two different sizes, the amount cannot be refunded.
An e-mail of the payment receipt will be sent to the University e-mail of the graduate. Please make sure that your QU e-mail is active in case you did not receive an e-mail in that regard. Check with the Information Technology Services Department if your QU e-mail is inactive, via the following mail:
The payment process is electronic via a VISA CARD or MASTER CARD. If you do not have the previous cards, you can apply for a prepaid MasterCard.
You can visit the nearest QNB branch and obtain a Prepaid Card, fill it with the required amount, and use for the electronic payment of the dress. For more information about the card, kindly visit the following link: page/ar/arprepaidmastercard.html
The graduate must adhere to the dates set for receiving the gowns for each college.