Annual events and special projects
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 01:13:33.


The Annual and Special Events Section provides the logistic needs for the Student Affairs Sector and the other
sections within the Student Activities Department and especially in the major events. Through its connections
with the concerned parties inside and outside campus, the Section, as well, provides assistance and support
and supervises all the annual occasions, projects and events that take place in the Student Activities
Department. In addition, the Section simultaneously with the State's Events, organizes educational and
recreational trips.



• Raising the technical and leadership competencies of the students in the execution of student
• Development of Students' competencies and skills in the field of activities


The section organizes events, seminars, different shows and workshops in a number of areas, namely:
• The Cultural Village
A special annual event that enriches the campus with a diverse and colorful culture of peoples from different
parts of the world that the Student Activities Department organizes and aims at introducing the students to the
cultural heritage of the participating countries through booths and shows that reflect their values and customs.
The event comprises of cultural activities, folklore shows, musical show, traditional fashion shows, and theater.
Talent Festival
The festival exposes different aspects of many students' talents outside the academic scope, and is a platform
for students with talents to show their exceptional abilities where students compete in different arts, such as:
poetry, music, dancing and martial arts.
Qatar University Traders (female)
This event aims at enhancing the knowledge and job skills in the students, support of development projects that
can promote the capabilities and skills of the students to adopt with the needs of the community. In addition, it
brings commerce/ business experience exchange among the students that will foster the entrepreneurship and
productivity for the future, as it seeks after restoring the work spirit and the initiative in planning for future
• The National Day
We seek excellence in providing new social activities through innovative ideas created by the students under the
direction and supervision of the Student Activities Department. It is our belief that campus life is not/should not
be in-class-lessons only, but a live mixture of knowledge and work, earnestness and recreation, our faith in the
potentials of our students is the drive to our main target.
• Graduation Day
One of the most important events in Qatar University is the Graduation Day, for what it stands and means for
every graduating student and the University from happiness and sense of victory. The University, with all its
sections, participates in the preparation of this important ceremony, and the Student Activities Department plays
a major role.
• Theatre Day
This event allows the students to express their opinions and display their creative ideas. It is also a way to gain
knowledge by interacting with new people and a to refine their personalities and talents. A number of students
take part in this event. They are divided into teams and each team has to perform a play in front of an audience.
• Charity Drive
An initiative dedicated to help the people in need inside and outside the university. It also helps in creating
humanitarian projects in which the students contribute indirectly in pushing forward this benevolent act. The
drive also helps in building a social and humanitarian connection between the university students and all social
levels of the Qatari community forming one charitable entity.
• Student Camps
The aim of these camps is to engage the students in recreational activities and to help build their personality to
include a strong sense of leadership. It also helps in strengthening and improving the relation between the
students internally and externally. Such activities include sports, cultural, social and artistic activities.