Student exchange Programs
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The student exchange section believes in the role of off-campus opportunities in enriching the students' knowledge and engaging them in a life changing experiences. Our section is dedicated to providing the necessary support for students to experience learning through travel; attending conferences; participating in competitions and tournaments; meeting new people with different cultures and languages and connecting the students to the rest of the world, giving them the chance to be ambassadors for their home university.


Our mission is to create off campus opportunities for Qatar University students by establishing International Traveling Activities (ITA) or short term exchange programs with universities and educational institutions in the region and around the globe.


Our vision is to build culturally enriched, globally aware and diversity tolerant students of Qatar University.We collaborate with the colleges at Qatar University and with institutions abroad to provide the students with the opportunities required to accomplish our vision.


  • Create added-value extra-curricular international programs
  • Facilitate logistical needs of student trips created by the departments and colleges at Qatar university
  • Provide advisory support for exchange students
  • Arrange activities and fieldtrips for incoming exchange students.
  • Create and coordinate summer internship placements (IAESTE)