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Last modified: November 19, 2013 10:43:40.

It is our heartfelt believe that Qatar, our nourishing nation, deserves a collective stand from us, all members of Qatar University; directors, faculty members, employees and students, in the memorable National day to celebrate the annual anniversary within Qatar university in an environment full of love to the Nation we behold with honor and pride.

To declare our solidarity in uplifting shining banners that flutter with Solidarity, Loyalty and Pride. Our celebration by the National day is indeed a celebration of the creative ideas inspired from the minds of our students that we involve in such events and other many extra-curricular activities to enrich their leadership, event organization, time management and team work skills.

Out of a desire to celebrate the National Day twice, we are holding our festival ceremonies on Thursday 12th of December 2013 at the campus, and on the 18th of December with the whole Nation, therefore, Qatar share us our happy moments!
We invite you all, our students and members of QU, to participate us the National Day Festival ceremonies to represent Qatar in a parade that casts a shadow and narrates its history since the day of establishment to the present and the future it look forward.