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Last modified: January 02, 2017 12:31:19.

All graduate applicants to Qatar University are required to apply to their intended program of study using the QU online admission application.

Kindly go through the following step-by-step application process:

Complete the Online Application Form
& upload the required documents

Submit your Online Admission Application and fill in all required information and upload the required documents. Once the application is submitted you will not be able to upload any document.

Receive Letter of Acknowledgment

Within 1-3 business days, you will receive a Letter of Acknowledgement with your QU ID Number and instructions on how to submit the required documents.

Application Review

QU reviews your application and makes an admission decision (your application may be delayed or denied if all required documents have not been uploaded).


The graduate program will contact you (by email or phone) to let you know of the date and time of the interview.

Submit Official Required Documents

When Admission decisions are confirmed you will be contacted to submit all official document needed (decision will be dependent on the submission of the official, authentic required documents, according to the (admission deadlines).

Receive Admission Decision

Applicants receive an official letter with the admissions decision. Accepted students will receive their QU ID and login information to various QU online resources.

All graduate (Diploma, PharmD, Masters and Doctoral) applicants to Qatar University are required to submit a QR 350 application fee as part of their admission application. Admission applications will not be considered complete, and consequently an admission decision will not be made, until the application fee is submitted through the online Admission Application using Visa or Master Cards only.

It is important to note that if you have uploaded a university transcript and/or test score as part of your application, they are considered unofficial and the original and final university transcript and test scores are still required upon receiving an initial admission decision.

Please ensure that all official (authentic) required documents, including the official university transcript and test scores, are submitted to Graduate Studies in order to complete your application.

Final and official university transcripts, test score report(s), and the Qatar Health Certificate should be submitted in-person to Graduate Studies or mailed to the following address:

Graduate Studies, Qatar University
Research Complex, H10 G223
Qatar University
PO Box 2713
Doha, Qatar

Applicants should not submit any supporting documentation to the Graduate Studies until they have submitted an admissions application. Graduate Studies will not accept any documentation unless an admissions application has been submitted for the intended semester of admission.

To ensure a timely review of your admission application, be sure that all required documents have been submitted by the admission deadlines. Any missing documents may result in your application being delayed and/or denied. Additionally, you may be contacted by Graduate Studies if your application is incomplete. Missing requirements may be submitted in-person, by mail, or sent the email address designated in the acknowledgment letter.

To ensure that your admissions application is complete and that all required documents have been submitted, graduate applicants are encouraged to regularly check the status of their admissions application. Once the application has been received by the Admissions Department, applicants can use this feature to:

It is recommended that applicants periodically check the status of their application(s) for admission to a graduate program. Once the initial application has been received by the Admissions Department, applicants will receive a Confirmation Letter including temporary login details, which may be used to check the status of an application.

Follow the below steps to check your application status periodically:

  1. Use the temporary login information provided in the Confirmation Letter
  2. Go to the Graduate Admissions website and select the Check Admission Application Status link.
  3. After you have logged in using the temporary web login information provided in the Confirmation Letter, you will be on the My Admission Applications page. In the "Processed Applications" table, select the appropriate admissions application
  4. You will now be at the Application Summary page where you can see the status of your application (i.e. Incomplete, In Progress, Complete, etc.).

Please email Graduate Admissions if you have any problems accessing your application status.

All admitted students will receive a formal admissions letter from Graduate Studies at Qatar University. Shortly after, your graduate program will also provide you with information pertaining to orientation (if offered by your graduate program) academic advising, and registering for courses.

For further information or enquiries regarding graduate admission to Qatar University, please contact the Graduate Admissions Section of the Admissions Department at:

Location: Admissions and Registration Building
Telephone: (+974) 4403-3754