Change of Major
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Last modified: December 07, 2016 10:26:09.
  • Students may change their academic major given that this change should occur before completing the maximum number of 60 undergraduate credit hours.
  • Courses and grades earned prior to changing the academic major will remain in the students’ records and will still be calculated in their cumulative GPA.
  • Students at the Foundation Program may change their academic major to colleges that do not require passing the Foundation Program after meeting the admission requirements of the sought Major. The change of major must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the sought college.
  • Admission to the sought major is extremely competitive and is subject to the capacity of the college; satisfying the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the major.

Are students who did not satisfy the minimum High School requirement eligible for change of major?

Students who did not meet the minimum High School requirement at the time of initial admission to Qatar University may change their academic major after meeting the following requirements:

  • Completing a minimum number of 24 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.00
  • Not exceeding the maximum number of 60 undergraduate credit hours.
  • The change of major must be approved by the sought college or department taking into consideration their transfer requirements. Satisfying the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission as it its extremely competitive and subject to the capacity.

Application Period for Change of Major

Wednesday 7 December 2016 until Wednesday 14 December 2016  (Winter 2017).

Steps of Application for Change of Major

Before applying for change of major, please read the following notes:


  • In the application, some fields may be enabled or disabled depending on the field of study that the student has. (e.g. if the student doesn't have concentration, the "concentration" field will be disabled).
  • If applying for change of major to the College of Education, students should select the concentration (e.g. early childhood, Islamic Studies  ...etc) on the same application.

To apply, please log in to Banner Self Service Portal at using your QU user name and password. Then follow the steps shown in the following screenshots:


1. Select "Student Registrations and Records" option.


2. Select "Student Records" option.


3. Select "Transfer Application" link.


4. Select "Change Major/Minor/Concentration" option.


5. Select the new Major



How to cancel change of Major application

  • To cancel any change of major requests during the application period, students should follow the same steps of applying and then select “none” next to the field they would like to cancel and then click submit.  Students will receive an email informing them of the cancellation.
  • Submitting a new application will automatically update the previous request. This includes selecting either a new option or the option “none”. Students will receive an email informing them of the updated request.