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Student Fund and Financial Aid
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Last modified: January 28, 2016 08:49:47.
Announcments Applying and updating online application for the Financial Aid for Spring 2017 will start on 05/02/2017.                                          Submitting the required documents will start on 12/02/2017.

Financial Aid Forms

These are the official Financial Aid Application Forms for the services provided by Student Fund and Financial Aid Section:

Other Forms

These are other related forms that may be needed in some cases:

Financial Aid Calculator


This Financial Aid Calculator would help you to check your eligibility for financial aid without contacting Student Fund and Financial Aid section or even read the policies and procedures for financial aid, which will save time and effort.

To make your calculation more accurate, you should have the following information:

  • Total-salary of the guardian or the student's sponsor (without any deductions).
  • Total number of family members (father, mother, brothers and sisters who are below 24 years old and not married) - The brother, who is above 24, may be counted if he is still full time student in any university during the current semester.
In cases like divorce, Guardian Death, student with full time job, married student without work... you have to visit the Special Cases section in our webpage to know more.
If you don't have accurate information regarding the above areas, you can put estimated numbers. However, the more accurate you are, the more accurate the results.

Note: Financial Aid Calculator doesn't work for international students with full scholarship, QU visa students with personal sponsor, and students who want to apply for Emergency Aid.

Social Information

In case the student is Non-Qatari with a scholarship, he/she can apply for Monthly Aid only.

In case the student is married, divorced, or widowed. Include the number of children, if any, as part of family members.

  • In case the father has another wife, she will be counted as a member of the family with her kids.
  • In case of divorced parents, the family members will consist of the guardian and the Childs under custody.
  • In case of father deceased, the family will consist of the mother and Childs.

Academic Information

Only foundation, undergraduate, and CR with full scholarship are eligible to apply for financial aid.

The semester/s in which the financial aid has been withheld is not calculated within the utmost period.

New and newly become undergraduate students, who don't have credit hours, should write zero in this cell.

  • Monthly Aid: Only for Qatari, Qatari travel document holders, and Non-Qatari with internal and full external scholarship students.
  • Tuition Fees Aid: Only for Non-Qatari students without scholarship.
  • Housing Fees Aid: Only for Non-Qatari students without scholarship.
  • Transportation Fees Aid: Only for Qatari and Qatari travel document holders female students.
Qatari Children Scholarship
Internal Scholarship

Student financial condition

  • If the student is working, we will consider his/her salary.
  • If the father deceased and mother is non-Qatar and working, we will consider her salary.
  • If the father deceased and the sponsor is (brother, uncle, grandfather…etc.), we will consider the salary zero.
The deductions related only to pension and Government sponsored and funded housing loans through Qatar Development Bank are considered while calculating the salary of Qatari students.
  • The number doesn't include brothers who work or exceed 24 years old, and married sisters
  • If the student is married, the family members will include only his/her wife/ husband and their kids.
  • If the student is not married and under the sponsorship of personal or company, the total number of family members will be one.


Nationality Total Credit hours
Gender Type of financial Aid requested
Student's marital status as of today Type of scholarship you got
Marital status of parents Total salary of the father or the student
Are you current active student Total Number of family members
The student's current level Do you have financial support or monthly salary from any external party
Total number of terms the student spent in foundation What is the type of financial aid provided by external party
Your Accumulative GPA
Before asking, please take a look at our Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Please enter the code you see in the image in the box next to it:*
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The Student Fund Section provided various financial services during AY 2015-2016:

  Qatari & Qatari Travel Document holder Non Qatari Total
Fall 2015 M F M F
Monthly Financial Aid 81 412 48 213 754
Tuition Fees 0 0 216 492 708
Transportation fees 0 47 0 0 47
Housing Fees 0 0 4 8 12
Laptops 6 24 0 0 30
Desktop 2 3 10 9 24
Spring 2016 M F M F  
Monthly Financial Aid 61 411 97 166 735
Tuition Fees 0 0 228 539 767
Transportation fees 0 44 0 0 44
Housing Fees 0 0 7 8 15
Laptops 2 7 0 1 10
Desktop 0 0 6 0 6

The charts below show the share of the student financial aid between Qatari & QTD and Non-Qataris, as well as the funds distribution by service type during AY 2015-2016 till 31/5/2016:

Financial Aid Chart