Who we are
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 01:11:51.

What We Do ? 

Be an internationally accredited food service that supports campus community by providing outstanding dining services as they gather for dining, learning, and celebrating.

Mission :
To enhance customer services offered to students  by providing them with varied, nutritious, affordable foods with high level of quality in enjoyable dining facilities.


Role of Food Services

 Food Services Section seeks to provide you with unforgettable dining experience on campus through: 

  • Selecting and managing qualified caterers to provide meals
  • Conducting food safety inspections on cafeterias and kitchens.
  • Approving food menus and capping their prices.
  • Providing healthy meal plans with nutritional labeling.
  • Improving the physical facilities of dining areas.
  • Developing online services (for meal plans, payment services, orders).
  • Responding immediately to all feedbacks.


Food Services and Catering Policy and Procedures


The purpose of this policy is to ensure high quality dining experience for students, staff and visitors.


  1. Qatar University (the University) provides food and catering services on campus for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  2. The University defines the food and catering standard to ensure the service focusses on quality, nutrition, pricing, safety, and variety.


  1. Responsibility for Food and Catering Service
  2. The Food and Catering Service Section (the Section) of the Student Services Department is responsible for providing the service.
    The food and catering standard is governed through contractual obligations and internal procedures between the university and the caterers contracted to provide the service.

  3. Confidentiality
  4. The section is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of student data in the
    service records. Information relating to students who contact the Food Service and Catering Section is not released without the consent in writing of the student.

  5. Student Complaints

    Students with a complaint should contact the Food and Catering Services by phone (+974-4403-3856), email (foodservices@qu.edu.qa) or in person (Food Court Building), or write their complaints in the Feedback logs located at the Cafeteria counters and in the Food Court. The Food and Catering Services team will reply within 7 working days.


Student Services Department

Stakeholder Impact

This policy affects all enrolled students. All faculty and staff of the University should be familiar with this policy and the procedure and be able to advice students if asked.

Review Date



Students Complaint

The Food and Catering Services Section follows the procedure below when handling student complaint.

  1. Student with a complaint may contact the Food and Catering Services by phone, email or in person.
  2. The Food and Catering Services team will reply within 7 working days.